Certificate in Web Development & Design

Overview Of The Program
A certificate in web development will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed by many web developers who are looking to start a new career or advance an existing one. This program can possibly be helpful to web developers, managers, web designers, programmers, and other professionals who work with computers. 

Program Objectives
A certificate program in web development aims to develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Creation of professional and high quality web pages
  • Registration of customers and creation of login sessions
  • Implementation of web site content, performance, graphics and capacity
  • Integration of web sites with other computer applications
  • Conversion of written, audio, video and graphic components to compatible Web formats
  • Installation and configuration of web servers
  • Exploration of e-commerce opportunities and techniques in database design
  • Utilizing programs and software intended to help with the design of Web and multimedia content, such as, Flash, Java, Dreamweaver, jQuery, and WordPress.

This program aims to cover both the server-side and client-side development comprehensively.

What You Will Study
Certificate programs generally aim to develop and advance the knowledge of languages used in web application development. Students will be equipped with the skills required to apply this knowledge to existing and new technologies and standards as they emerge. Following are some of the courses that you may study in this program:

  • Website Design
  • Digital Imaging and Photography
  • Developing Interactive Help Systems
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • E-Commerce on the Web
  • Computer Graphics
  • Information Structures
  • Programming
  • Website Database Implementation

The program consists of required and elective courses. Web analytics, search engine optimization, website accessibility, and responsive web design are some of the elective courses that students can pursue. Most programs feature a project in which students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of skills and techniques acquired during classroom instruction. They are often required to do so by developing their own dynamic and interactive websites. This project enables students to gain hands-on professional training in recent industry practices. Students may also learn to work with innovative technologies such as AJAX, Ruby on Rails, Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Flex.

Program Information
Most universities require participants to have basic computer proficiency. Others require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED certificate. For some programs, candidates will be asked to complete prerequisite courses. Some institutes award credits for this certificate that can be transferred to a degree program in disciplines such as Telecommunications, Computer Science, or Computer Information Systems. Advanced programs are also available for experienced web developers. 

Available Formats
To accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals, this program is also offered in part-time format under which classes are held in the evenings and at weekends. Those in search of more flexible options can enroll in online web development certificate programs. They can access video lectures and participate in online discussion rooms. Students can proceed with the coursework at their own pace. Although, they may complete this program in less than a year, they are free to take as much as over three years to earn this certificate.



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