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Web Development
Web developers were once hobbyists looking for different possibilities offered by the internet. However, with the rapid growth of online world, web development has evolved into a serious profession. The growth of online world has been so fast that now many companies require highly skilled professionals to build and manage their websites. Web development is now a sought after and lucrative profession for people interested in the field of information technology.

Web Development Degree Online
A number of accredited colleges and universities now offer online degree programs in web development. This allows education to be a lot more accessible to working professionals and others who are unable to acquire education in a regular college or university. Online programs are also cost effective, as students do not have to pay for travelling or hostel accommodation costs. Students interested in a web development career can complete a certificate program or acquire a college degree. Usually an associate's degree is sufficient for many entry level jobs in web development, however many development companies and technology firms have a preference for applicants having a bachelor's degree.

Students are required to complete a number of courses that help in enhancing knowledge, critical thinking skills, technical competencies, and creativity. They not only learn the basic HTML but also acquire expertise in more advanced languages such as Java and Flash. They are also trained to come up with multimedia presentations to benefit computer users.A web development curriculum generally includes courses in Web Architecture, E-Commerce, Web Application Development, Database Infrastructure, Web Security, Continuous Learning, Programming, and Operations Analysis.

Web development degree not only enables students to acquire design principles but also trains them in understanding customer needs. Web developers need to have a good grasp of individual customer needs in order to work for customers' advantage. Successful web developers always acquire an understanding of customer issues before attempting to find a solution.

Web Development Skills
An online web development degree trains students in diverse skills. They learn to come up with verbal and written solutions to various technical issues faced by users and organizations. Students are trained to assess the efficacy of trends and practices in relation to systems and users. Web development courses also help them identify how information systems and technology have an impact on business and economy.

Career Outlook And Job Prospects
According to BLS, employment of web developers is expected to grow by twenty percent during the years 2010 and 2020, which is faster than the average for all occupations. With the growth in ecommerce, employment of web developers is expected to rise. Online purchasing is likely to grow much faster than the whole retail industry. As the retail industry will expand its online operations, demand for web developers is likely to grow further. The job prospects of web developers are expected to stay encouraging. Web developers having knowledge of multiple programming languages and expertise of digital multimedia tools, such as Photoshop and Flash, are likely to have the best job opportunities.



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