Nursing Schools in Illinois

Nursing schools offer you a chance to get an accredited degree in the field of nursing. You may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from several nursing schools in Illinois.

Nursing Schools
Illinois is seeing a rise in demand for nursing professionals, and the state has many universities and colleges which offer programs in nursing. You should check out the nursing schools if you want to practice nursing in that state.
Potential Jobs
Depending on your degree and prior work experience, some of the nursing professions you could practice are:
·  Family nurse practitioner
·  Registered nurse
·  Professor at a medical school
Job Outlook
The nursing sector is booming in America, so your future prospects are strong. The expected job growth rate is 26% for registered nurses between 2010 and 2020. This growth rate is higher than the national average of all occupations combined. By 2020 an estimated 700,000 jobs for registered nurses will be added. The median pay for registered nurses in 2010 was around $64,000 annually.
Online Programs
If you do not want to attend an on-campus program, there are many accredited nursing schools in Illinois that are offering online degree programs. These online programs are ideal for:
·  People with full time jobs
·  Single parents
·  Older students
·  Students who cannot travel
·  Students on a tight budget
Your course outlines, material, books, and assignments will be sent through email. You will interact with instructors through video conferences or email. However, you will have to travel to a clinic for the hands-on courses.
You can save time and money by enrolling in online programs. The flexible schedule will allow you to juggle jobs or other work since you can study at your convenience. You do not need to travel to a campus for classes. If you feel your peers will be too young for comfortable interaction, online programs help by letting you interact from the comfort of your home.
Nursing Program Courses
The course syllabus you will study depends on the institute and degree level you are pursuing. The courses increase in quantity and complexity as you pursue a higher degree level. For a bachelor's degree in nursing, some of the theoretical and clinical (practical) courses you will study are:
·  Anatomy & Physiology
·  Nursing Care for Children
·  Nursing Roles
·  Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare
For clinical courses you need to find a preceptor (a nurse practitioner who will guide you) and then practice at a clinic. This practical component is mandatory to get a degree in nursing. Most colleges help by pairing you with a preceptor, but you should confirm this before applying.

Admission Requirements for Nursing School
The minimum requirements vary by institution and degree level, so you may want to confirm them from the institute before applying. Minimum high school GPA requirements can range from 2.0 to 3.0. The institute may require SAT or ACT test scores with minimum score requirements, 2 or 3 letters of recommendation, a license to practice as a registered nurse, a passing score in an entrance test (for example a Pre-Nursing Entrance Test), and a personal statement or letter of purpose. You may also need to prove you have a valid license in to practice nursing in Illinois.

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