Bsn Programs in Colorado

According to Colorado Centre of Nursing Excellence, the state of Colorado currently has a shortage of nurses. It is approximately twice as much as the national median. This means that nursing professionals are highly in demand here. Consequently, many universities are offering BSN programs in Colorado to cater to the growing popularity.

The Scope of A BSN Degree
Job market is highly competitive these days. Employers are choosing candidates who are highly qualified. Pursuing a BSN degree is the perfect way to ensure a promising future in the healthcare sector. This degree is also frequently pursued by working RNs who are looking to upgrade their resume. It can be a great way for professional advancement and is crucial if you are seeking leadership or management positions. A BSN degree will increase your income potential and open up exciting opportunities.

Program Overview
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing generally takes four years to complete. The first two years of study focus on the general education courses. The last two years are spent on building a scientific knowledge base by studying the, skills, techniques and practices. Together with improved clinical and assessment skills, graduates can make informed patient care decisions. Graduate degree holders of other areas who want to enter the field of nursing can enroll themselves in accelerated BSN programs. Admission requirements vary with programs and universities but generally most require a good GPA with a concentration in science subjects.

Why Choose an Online Program?
Online education allows you to pursue excellent education without having to give up work and family obligations. It acknowledges your need for flexibility, career mobility and professional development.  You can skip the commuting hassles and fit in your education around your schedule. Most renowned universities now offer CCNE-accredited online BSN programs in Colorado. These ensure that you get an educational experience that combines the benefits of traditional classroom online. Students are provided technical support from the time of application until their graduation through interactive tools. They can earn the same degree as on-campus students by going through the same curriculum from the same well qualified faculty available to on-campus students.

Study Areas
This degree will concentrate on equipping students with the current nursing theories, practices and healthcare issues. Basic nursing courses in areas like anatomy, microbiology, physiology and applied pharmacology are explored in depth.  Most prominently students will learn about effective management and leadership practices as applied to the field of nursing. This involves effective communication and problem solving skills and collaborative team work. Public policy concepts are clarified along with other issues such as time management and evaluation of research findings.

Career Outlook
BSN degree holders can work in a variety of nursing care facilities after sitting for the NCLEX-RN examination. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed a projected increase of 26% in demand for registered nurses from 2012 to 2020. Following are some of the settings where BSN degree holders are employed:

  • Hospitals;
  • Clinics;
  • Old people homes;
  • Rehabilitation Centers;
  • Community Centers.

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