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The US Department of Health and the American Nursing Association proposed the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. They proposed it as a fast track bachelor's degree, which would make it easier for the country to meet rising demand for nurses. Online accelerated BSN programs are Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs which you study online. They can help your nursing career by providing you with education to become a registered nurse, or provide you with a stepping stone to continue your education towards a Master's or Doctoral degree in a nursing-related field.

What Will You Study In Online Accelerated BSN Programs?
Your exact curriculum depends on your area of specialization and and the school you have enrolled in, so you may want to confirm the curriculum when applying. You will study a variety of theoretical and clinical (practical) courses such as:

  • Roles of Nurses
  • Inquiry and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Pathophysiology
  • Ethical and Legal Perspectives of Healthcare 

What Are the Admission Requirements?
The admission requirements are specific to each university. Some require a minimum 2.2 GPA in your first Associate's or Bachelor's degree; there are other universities that ask for at least a 3.0 GPA. You normally need a degree before applying since the accelerated BSN excludes many core and extracurricular courses. However, you should confirm if you can apply without a prior degree. Nearly all of the universities also require 2-3 letters of recommendation, a personal statement, essay, and a letter of purpose. You also need a license to practice as a nurse.
What Are the Advantages of Online Accelerated Programs?
The concept of online accelerated programs is based on quick distance learning. Universities with these types of programs believe there should be no geographical limitations to learning, and the 12-18 months timeline saves time compared to traditional 3-4 year BSN programs. Most institutes let you study at your own pace. This makes the program convenient for those who want to continue full time jobs, or need a degree in a shorter amount of time as per their job requirements as a nurse. Online programs are more convenient and cheaper than on-campus programs, since you do not need to travel to the university campus or pay for room and board. The program can be especially cost effective for international students or out-of-state residents due to lower tuitions fees. Please note that that for clinical part of the BSN program, you will have to travel to a clinic where a university-specified nurse preceptor will guide you. This practical component is a mandatory part of the BSN degree and cannot be done online.
What Should You Expect After Finishing One of These Online Accelerated Programs?
The nursing sector is booming in America so your future prospects are strong. The expected job growth rate is 22% for registered nurses between 2010 and 2020, and this is higher than the national average of all occupations combined. By 2020 an additional 0.16 million jobs for registered nurses will be added. You can use these accelerated BSN nursing programs to help pass your nursing exam to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses earned an average of $64,000 annually in 2010. Your pay and employment prospects vary depending on your job, but they are good nonetheless.


Q:What are the general admission requirements for accelerated online bachelors to bsn options?

A:The admission requirements of a bachelor to BSN online degree will vary from school to school. Generally, students will be required to submit an official transcript of a baccalaureate degree, complete the basic nursing prerequisites, and meet a minimum CGPA requirement of 2.0-2.75. Some schools may also ask for a few letters of recommendation.

Q:How long will it take to get a nursing degree if i have a bachelors of science?

A:If you hold a Bachelor of Science and wish to gain a nursing degree, you may enroll in the accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. The accelerated program is intended for those who already hold a Bachelor's degree in an unrelated field of study. The program is also shorter than traditional BSN programs and typically takes between 12-18 months of full time study to complete.

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