How To Become An Architect

if you think about it, the job of an architect is quite amazing. as an architect, you will have the opportunity to bring into a reality a building which began as a plan in your imagination. architects have the important job of designing and planning new constructions and structures. this job requires you to combine aesthetics, vision, and artistic sense with mathematical skills. the rest of this article provides information about how to become an architect.

government regulation
as an architect, you will not only be in charge of the design of the construction, but you will also be responsible for the necessary documentation including preparing the required codes, building specifications, and interior design requirements. you will also need to ensure that the building abides by the health and safety regulations. given the importance of these tasks, the government tightly regulates this profession. each state has its own testing, education, and internship standards which must be met by prospective architects.

the first step in order to become an architect is to enroll in a degree program which has been accredited by the national architectural accrediting board (naab). there are over a hundred degree programs offered by different colleges and universities. you should keep the following things in mind when selecting a program:

. the entry requirements of the program.
. the location of the campus
. the structure of the program and the courses offered

usually, you will be required to take a number of courses in mathematics, design, computer science, design and graphics, and art history. a four year undergraduate degree is a basic minimum to apply for a license in any state. however, many students apply for post-graduate studies and complete a master's degree as well. this will allow you to specialize in the particular field you want to advance in. moreover, it gives you a competitive edge over your peers. there are several accredited online degree programs offered for students who may not be able to attend an on-campus based program. students may check with the naab to find these programs.

the national council of architectural registration boards (ncarb) administers the intern development program (idp) - a requirement for all interns. each graduate needs to have completed a requisite number of hours under the guidance of a licensed and experienced architect. note that the particular requirements of each state may vary. you should check with your state to find out exactly how many hours you need to complete.

once you have completed your studies and your internship, you will need to take the architect registration examination (are). this is a long examination consisting of seven different tests which cover all aspects of architecture. passing this examination is a pre-requisite for practicing architecture. once you have passed it and gained your license, you may begin your practice.

job outlook
architecture is a rewarding career, and it shows in the stability and salary that architects may earn. the us bureau of labor statistics calculates the average income of an architect to be $72,550 per year. the demand for architects will rise twenty-four percent by 2020 faster than the national average.

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