How To Become An Animator

educational requirements:
in today's competitive job market, it is good to have a strong educational background in order to stand out among other candidates. a career as an animator usually requires one to have a bachelor's degree in fine art, animation, computer graphics, or a related field. a bachelor's degree in one of these fields helps an individual to develop a good understanding of 2d and 3d animation. degree programs in animation often comprise of classes in animation, drawing, and film; while a bachelor's degree program in computer graphics includes courses in computer science, programming, and graphics. a bachelor's degree helps individuals to develop a good portfolio of work, and acquire strong technical skills that are preferred by employers.

besides a good education, individuals aspiring to become animators should have hands-on work experience. this can be gained by participating in internships as well as work study programs, where individuals get to directly learn from professionals already working in the field. for budding animators, an animation portfolio is often necessary. a portfolio enables individuals to exhibit samples of their best work to prospective employers. to have a strong portfolio, individuals should be up to date with various animation techniques as well as know how to develop characters and create unique storyboards and models.

portfolio recommendations:
what do animators do to get rewarding jobs? a simple answer to the question - they develop a strong portfolio. portfolios exhibit one's creativity and skills; therefore, individuals should only select their best works to include in the portfolio. individuals should have a hard copy version to take to interviews; the portfolio should include copies of their artwork, drawings, and storyboards. potential employers will be able to see their work, and ask questions about the individuals work. portfolios should include a small biography of the individual in addition to work samples. a résumé and contact details should also be included.

many animation studios have their own computer applications and software that they use to create films. newly hired animators are usually given on the job training to familiarize them with the software.  potential animators may be hired on a probationary basis until they prove their skills and talent to become permanent employees.

important qualities:
knowing how to become an animator also requires possessing important qualities. successful animators need to have a creative and vivid imagination. in addition to artistic talent, they must possess good computer skills, people skills (to work well in teams), and a strong physical stamina. often, studio and game design companies require animators to put in long hours, particularly when there are tight deadlines. animators must, therefore, have a strong stamina to keep up with the challenging work.

job outlook and pay:
according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the employment of animators is expected to grow by 8 percent from 2010 to 2020. with regard to salary, according to the bls, animators are expected to earn around $50,000 annually.


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