How To Become A Web Developer

the number of websites on the internet is rising exponentially by the day. we continue visiting many of these websites on a daily basis from basic mail-checking to information-seeking. in all of these scenarios though, the role of the web developer is often taken for granted. these are the professionals who are responsible for the smooth functionality and the general layout of the pages you are navigating through. if you want to know how to become a web developer, read through our quick guide to help you make a more well-informed decision on whether this is the right choice for you.  

what does a web developer do?
the web development profession combines a strong sense of creativity, a grasp of design principals, and a thorough knowledge of web applications and software programs. an individual who wants to become a web developer will need to be highly detail oriented and possess strong analytical skills, which will be used to help the client articulate his needs and develop a comprehensive, focused approach towards fulfilling these needs as well. because website development can only be carried out by professionals who know particular languages, like html, java, or joomla, the professional must be well-versed in some of these.

furthermore, he/she should know how to use these various tools to create a website which is smooth and functional for the user. the developer does not work in isolation; website development is often a team effort. being able to incorporate multiple ideas to satisfy the needs of the client and engage the user effectively requires strong communication skills. the developer must be a team player.

how to become a web developer: education and training
web development is a particular topic within the field of computer science or information technology. as a result, employers will look favorably upon individuals who have some exposure at the undergraduate level in these areas. some individuals are able to enter the profession without a formal degree, through their vocational and technical experience. these include obtaining certifications such as a certified web developer (cwp) or a certified internet webmaster (ciw). the undergraduate degree is designed to help you gain an understanding of programming languages and the principles used in creating original and innovative websites. accumulating experience is possible through internships in development capacities while individuals are attending college, and then applying for jobs in development firms. you can also use your skills to work as a freelancer, working independently on a client to client basis.

projected salary
the highest paid professionals in the web development field were earning upwards of $120,000 annually, with the median salary in 2011 being around $77,000. because we are moving towards increasing digitization of information, the growth within this career is expected to remain consistently high at about 21.7 percent. aspiring web developers can look to regions in california, such as santa clara, or reading in pennsylvania for potential employers. according to the bureau of labor statistics, these areas are hotspots with a large number of firms offering web development services and hence, requiring web developers.


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