How To Become A Social Worker

do you want to know how to become a social worker? you will need at least a bachelor's degree in social work in order to qualify for entry level positions in this field. other acceptable majors for this field are sociology and psychology. direct service positions require applicants to have a bachelor of social work (bsw) degree. advanced level positions such as those of clinical social workers require a master of social work (msw) degree.  they coursework comprises of social and behavioral sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, language, and humanities. students will have the option to choose between different concentrations. the msw program can be completed in one year after the bsw degree.

otherwise it generally takes two years to complete. in the final year of these programs, students have to complete an internship or undertake field work. these programs also prepare students for the required state licensure examinations. social workers need to connect with clients on an individual basis, so they must possess good people skills and be a good listener. these programs help students build this important skill set. other essential qualities include effective time management and problem solving abilities.

social worker job description
this line of profession has the power to make a difference in people's lives. the basic task of social workers is to help people cope with various challenges. in order to help people do this, they have to identify individuals who need help and evaluate their situation and needs. they develop and implement plans that have the potential to improve their clients' condition. other responsibilities include crisis response, evaluation of services, research, and policy development. clinical social workers are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders. they conduct clinical assessments and help clients to understand their problems through discussion and therapy.

what is the employment outlook?
social workers face an anticipated growth rate of 25 percent in their employment from 2010 to 2020, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. this expected growth can be explained by a number of factors. social services will help numerous groups including drug addicts, elderly people, patients, and students. social workers will have abundant career opportunities. they can work as clinicians, counselors, and therapists; and are employed by local and state governments, elementary and secondary schools, juvenile and criminal justice facilities, substance abuse hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities. they work in the following roles:

  • mental health and substance abuse social workers
  • healthcare social worker
  • child and family social worker
  • school social worker

advanced social worker positions include associate executive directors, executives, program managers, organizers, grant officers, and program planners.

online programs
economic, occupational, or family circumstances may prevent students from enrolling in traditional on-campus degree programs as full time students. online programs provide an attractive alternative. prospective social workers can enroll in an online program that is accredited by the council on social work education (cswe). this will ensure that they get the highest standard of education about the theory, code of ethics, and practice standards in this field.

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