How To Become A Realtor

for this field there are no rigid educational requirements. you can begin your career with as little as a high school diploma or equivalent. but if you wish to excel and advance in your profession, it is better to attain at least a college degree. you will get a chance to study different aspects of real estate. subjects such as business administration, economics, finance and law are included in the coursework. if you are planning to open your own company, then it is best to take business courses. some universities and community colleges offer associates and bachelor's degree programs with a concentration in real estate.

the courses related to real estate include:-

  • mortgage financing
  • property management
  • real estate marketing
  • real estate transactions and deal structuring
  • property development
  • real estate acquisition and financial underwriting

realtors must be licensed and requirements for licensure vary by states. this involves being at least 18 years of age and completing a specified number of hours of real estate courses. they should have experience of around one to three years working as a licensed sales agent and must agree to adhere to a specific code of ethics. once they pass the written examination, candidates will be eligible to start work as licensed realtors. online sites are maintained by many states which give consumers the opportunity to look up a realtor's name and license number. more essential are qualities like good persuasive and interpersonal skills.

what do realtors do?
mainly, a realtor's work involves assisting clients and helping them make informed decisions while buying, selling and renting residential and commercial properties. for this reason they must possess sound knowledge about the prevailing market conditions and trends in prices and mortgages. other job responsibilities include:-

  • comparing properties and calculating competitive prices for properties
  • creating lists of properties for sale and categorizing them by location and features
  • promoting properties through various channels such as open houses, listing services and advertisements
  • handling negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • preparing documents such as deeds, sales agreements and loyalty contracts

what is the employment outlook?
from 2010 to 2020, the employment of realtors is expected to grow by 11 percent according to the bureau of labor statistics. this growth rate is as fast as the average of all occupations. most people choose to hire their services because real estate transactions are complex in nature. employers now seek graduates with a college degree even though it is not required. this shows that the job market is getting competitive for this field as well.

why go for online education?
traditional on-campus classes are not always convenient. indeed they become downright impracticable for individuals who wish to continue with their full time jobs while studying. online education presents a smart alternative in this scenario. you can continue with your regular work while completing the coursework during your free time. online programs are flexible and give you more time to complete the degree.


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