How To Become A Photographer

the camera is one of the most revolutionary inventions of modern times. over the years, photography has become an important art form. portraying serene landscapes to capturing wedding ceremonies and conducting glamorous photo shoots to depicting art, there is no end to the possibilities available to you as a photographer. however, like most crafts, photography requires a lot of training and investment. in order to make your mark and guarantee yourself a promising career, you will need to gain the relevant qualifications and/or experience.

qualifications required
the minimum qualification required to become a photographer is a high school diploma or equivalent. you can enroll in a professional photography course in an educational institute or art school. photojournalists and scientific photographers often take this path. you can also enroll in online courses. many photography schools and institutes offer these courses. you can a find a course that suits your needs. many amateur photographers also self-teach through consulting books and online videos.

once you're done with your education
you can take many paths after you've gained your qualifications. the first thing you need to do is to build your portfolio and choose a forte. there are plenty of options to choose from: nature photography, fashion photography, bridal photography, artistic photography etc. this decision would allow you to specialize in the field you want and market yourself accordingly. once you have done this, you should set up your own business. you will have to incur some initial costs such as buying equipment, business cards and perhaps set up a web profile. once you have done this you can begin advertising your business. you can also work as a freelance or contractual employee. business, magazines and organizations advertise job openings for photographers. you should be ready with your portfolio while applying for such jobs. this is also a good way to build a network of clients. if you have the required qualifications and your work is of a high enough quality, you may get the opportunity to work as an apprentice to an established photographer. this can allow you to learn from an experienced professional on the job. you should also consider joining professional associations. these include:

american society of professional photographers (aspp)
professional photographers of america (ppa)

joining such an association can open a number of doors. they offer courses and trainings that you can attend. this also a great way to advertise yourself, get new clients or market your work. they also allow you to network and seek advice from other photographers.

job outlook
the bureau of labor statistics calculates that photographers make $29,000 per year. employment for photographers will grow by thirteen percent by 2020, about as fast as other sectors. however, salaried jobs will become more difficult to find as more and more organizations will look to hire freelance workers.


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