How To Become A Massage Therapist

with today's busy lifestyles, people seldom get time to exercise. this results in fatigue and may also cause muscle ache. some people may also have medical conditions which cause them to experience pain or discomfort on a frequent basis. massage therapy is fast becoming a profession which people are getting involved. in fact, the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) has estimated that the growth for this field is about 20% between 2010 and 2020, which is faster than average. if you want to know how to become a massage therapist, continue reading our comprehensive guide to help you have a better understanding of this profession.

what is a massage therapist expected to do?
massage therapists are primarily responsible for helping clients relax and alleviate their pain and stress. a good therapist must be able to quickly identify the stressed or tense areas of the body, and manipulate them in the correct way to reduce the pain intensity. additionally, they are expected to be sources of information for their clients, providing them guidance on improving posture and tips on how to maintain greater relaxation. multiple types of massage therapies exist, and as a professional you can train in any of these options. sports massages require a different set of manipulation techniques than a swedish massage, so you should understand the differences to be able to specialize in one.

are you the right person for this job?
while massage therapy may seem like a walk in the park for people, the occupation is not as easy as it seems. therapists must know how to communicate with clients effectively and put them at ease, requiring them to have a friendly and sensitive attitude. they must also be detail-oriented and have a good understanding of the human body, in order to provide effective massages. this means that they must be detail-oriented and possess good stamina and physical dexterity. if you feel you have these traits, you should consider a career in massage therapy.

what training do i need?
if you want to know how to become a massage therapist, you will have to undergo a good deal of training. programs are offered by a variety of postsecondary institutions across the us. the rigor of training and admission requirements may vary, but the general pattern remains the same. you are taken through topics like anatomy, physiology, the study of organs, and kinesiology - the science of body movements and motion. additionally, you will also be trained in business ethics and management modules. to top the whole thing off, you will be required to complete hands on training of massage techniques. you may also have to obtain a professional license authorizing you to practice your profession, though this is a requirement enforced by very few states.

pay and job outlook
the job market for massage therapy is expected to grow consistently. because most therapists work part-time and on an appointment basis, their work hours may vary considerably. the top 10 percent of massage therapists were reported to earn more than $69,000 in may 2010.

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