How To Become A Game Designer

game designer job description
computer game designers create new computer games, and also plan the way those games are played. they also develop the whole game experience for players. game designers are responsible for creating various features of the game such as the rules of the game, setting, story, characters, props needed in the game, and the different ways the game may be played. game designers have the challenge to persuade other team members to actually develop the game. game designers have to work with a number of people to materialize the concept of the game. they work with artists, programmers, audio engineers, animators, and producers to turn their idea into a real game.

how to become a game designer?

to start a career as a game designer, earning a degree is is a great first step. there are some employers who do focus on the portfolio of the applicant and their technical skills. many game designers, animators, and multimedia artists have earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts, animation, computer graphics, or some specialized field. the bachelor's degree programs in art are based on courses such as painting, drawing, sketching, and sculpture. the animation degrees consist of classes in drawing, animation, and film. some schools also offer specialized degrees such as programs in interactive media and game design.

online education
game designers have the opportunity to earn a degree through online education. online programs offer a lot of flexibility and convenience for students. students are able to study at their own pace and whenever they can make time for their studies. they also save on additional costs that are related to traditional on campus education. online education offers the same curriculum that on-campus programs complete. students will complete practice exercises and exams over the internet. they will also be able to interact with professors through email, classroom chat rooms, and video conferences. it is preferred that students choose an accredited program because an accredited program meets quality standards, and employers also prefer graduates from accredited schools.

there are certain must have personal qualities for game designers:

  • imagination, creativity, and originality
  • skillfulness in multiple soft wares
  • sound understanding of market and target audience
  • storytelling capability
  • outstanding communication and presentation skills
  • basic drawing and 3d skills
  • teamwork and inter personal skills
  • up to date information of new trends and developments in computer games

career outlook and salary
the demand for game designers and other multimedia artists will continue to grow over time. according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the growth in employment will be around eight percent during the years 2010 to 2020.  the top industries where multimedia designers and artists will be employed include software publishers, computer systems design and related services, advertising, and public relations. according to the bls, the median annual wage for multimedia artists, animators, and game designers was $58,510 in may 2010. the lowest ten percent of the workers had a salary less than $33,840, while the top ten percent had a salary more than $99,830.

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