Culinary Arts Careers

for all those who love food, careers in culinary arts promises a good way to turn passion into action. with a degree in culinary arts in one's chosen area of specialization, one can hope to pursue any number of culinary arts major careers.

culinary arts programs:
many accredited institutes and schools offer a number of degree programs to cater to the needs of prospective students wishing to enter the food industry. popular degree programs include associate's degree programs in culinary arts as well as bachelor's degree programs in culinary arts. associate's degree programs are typically two year programs and help students get entry level jobs in the food industry.

bachelor's degree programs are usually spread over four years. in these programs, students get to have both theoretical as well as practical knowledge relating to preparing and managing different kinds of dishes. students get to learn different aspects of kitchen related work, including food sanitation and hygiene procedures, purchasing, inventory and stock taking methods as well as menu planning. generally, students get to study courses such as:

  • dietetics
  • baking and pastry making
  • food science
  • food sales and marketing
  • food styling and media
  • catering
  • hospitality management

besides the above listed courses, students also get to specialize in an area of their interest. moreover, many culinary arts schools require their students to get hands on experience working in a commercial kitchen. this can be done through an internship or an apprenticeship program. to reach the position of a chef or head cook, individuals need a lot of work experience before they can be promoted to these senior level positions. many start their careers as line cooks, working under the mentorship of senior cooks and learning all types of culinary skills.

careers in culinary arts
with a degree in culinary arts, individuals can hope to pursue careers as:

  • chefs
  • caterers
  • restaurant cooks
  • head chefs
  • food and beverage managers
  • food and service managers

work environment and pay
chefs are mainly responsible for preparing and supervising food preparation at restaurants and hotels as well as other places where food is served. they deal with food related concerns and are also in charge of directing kitchen staff and overseeing their work. according to the us bureau of labor statistics, chefs and head cooks held about 115,400 jobs in the us in 2012. chefs and head cooks work in a high pressure environment. they often have to work early mornings, late afternoons, weekends and even during holidays. they need to have a lot of stamina as many have to be up on their feet for long working hours. chefs and head cooks usually get to work in settings such as hotels, restaurants, fast food cafes, private households and related food service facilities. according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the median annual wage for chefs and head cooks was $42,480 in may 2012.


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