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the field of information systems is based on applying computer technology, administrative skills, and quantitative techniques to meet the information processing requirements of organizations. it not only focuses on computer technology and systems, but also combines them with management decision making.

information system degrees

information systems degrees train students in methods that keep information flowing within organizations. students also acquire knowledge and skills to improve the efficiency of organizations, by making an effective use of information systems. information systems degree programs normally offered by institutes include:

  • certificate or diploma in information systems
  • associates degree in information systems
  • bachelors degree in information systems
  • masters degree in information systems
  • phd in information systems

students should not make the mistake of neglecting accreditation of information systems degree programs. it is important that students conduct some research on accreditation of information systems programs and the relevant accrediting agencies as well. without proper research, students may fall for diploma mills or programs, which provide substandard education and have no value for employers. students must acquire education from accredited programs to have quality education and better career prospects.

online education
students, who cannot afford to acquire campus based education in information systems, should opt for online programs. online programs are not only convenient and flexible, they also reduce education costs. various learning resources are used in online programs so that students can acquire education in an effective manner. these resources include video lectures, slides, discussion threads, notes, practice exercises, and online exams. however, students will require self management and need to be consistent to perform well in online degree programs.

careers in information systems

students with an information system degree may find career opportunities wherever computers are used. they can look for jobs in businesses, industries, and federal institutions. some of:
the employment oppurtunities may include:

  • decision support systems
  • credit and billing systems
  • website management
  • e-commerce development
  • inventory control systems
  • software product development
  • knowledge management systems and business analysis

information system jobs
a number of jobs are available for information system graduates. some of the common positions include:

  • web developers: they build, launch, and update web sites and web applications. programming languages and various other technical skills are required for them to advance in their careers.
  • computer forensics experts: they work with law enforcement personnel to investigate and solve crimes. they also work on corporate frauds by using computers and information technology.
  • information systems security experts: they utilize their technical skills to assess system vulnerabilities, install preventive systems, and troubleshoot various system issues.
  • computer systems analysts: they help managers decide what types of computer systems will be best to meet the requirements of a firm and optimize its performance.
  • database administrators: they store, manage, and extract data to come up with completely new databases, which are customized to meet the needs of a particular business or a company. they have significant responsibility, new challenges, and many job opportunities available.


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