Master in Leadership

a master in leadership degree program teaches students leadership skills required in management roles. the program teaches a comprehensive approach to leadership that crosses functional areas and enhances one's approach to leadership. it educates students in methods used by supervisors and managers to keep employees motivated and increase efficiency.

online master in leadership degree program
apart from campus-based degree programs, many schools offer online master in leadership degrees as well. online programs offer various benefits. they provide a convenient learning schedule to those with busy lives. they may be less expensive than campus programs due to low cost of online education.

program details
the program usually lasts for about one year; however, the exact duration may vary depending on the enrollment status of the student.

the curriculum is usually divided into general and core classes, and a variety of optional specializations.

core courses

the character of leadership
in this course, students learn about skills required to navigate in changing environments that pose difficult choices

building organizational culture
in this course, students learn to recognize the elements that make up an organization's culture and to harness these for positive change.

leadership in a global landscape
in this course, students examine various workplace challenges and develop understanding of interrelatedness of nations in the global economy.

specialization courses
the specialization courses may consist of:

strategic human resources management
this course teaches a proactive and systematic approach to human resources. students also learn how results based performance management is tied to an organization's agenda.

managing business relationships
this course provides students with skills needed to evaluate build-or-buy alternatives for tracking progress of ongoing contracts.the above mentioned curriculum may be similar for many schools. however, please understand that it may vary by different amounts at each program.

career outlook
some popular management positions that may require a master's degree in organizational leadership include

human resources manager
median annual salary as of may 2012: $99,720 (us bureau of labor statistics - bls)
these professionals plan, direct, and coordinate administrative functions of an organization. they may be in charge of recruiting, hiring, interviewing, and serve as a link between an organization's management and employees.

operations manager
median annual salary as of may 2012: $96,430 (bls)
these professionals plan, coordinate, and direct operations of public or private sector organizations. their duties include formulating policies, managing operations, and planning the use of resources, among a diverse range of other responsibilities.

community service manager
median annual salary as of may 2012: $96,430 (bls)
these professionals supervise and coordinate community organizations and social service programs. they direct and lead staffs who provide social services to public.

marketing manager
median annual salary as of may 2012: $123,220 (bls)
these professionals plan, coordinate, and direct marketing policies and programs, such as determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors.

apart from these positions, individuals with a master in leadership degree may join academic careers. graduates may choose to apply for positions as school superintendents and senior-level teachers. other career options in school administration include high school principals, directors of private schools, and department chairs.


Q:How to get a phd in criminal justice?

A:A doctoral degree in criminal justice is the highest level of education you can aim for. You must have completed your masters and bachelors degree to qualify for enrollment in a PhD Program. The program will emphasize advanced concepts of criminal justice and will prepare you for careers ahead. Yu must complete all the course requirements and meet the minimum CGPA requirement to successfully be awarded the degree.

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