Bachelor in Leadership

Businesses rely on leaders in order to succeed. These individuals enable an organization to progress by making difficult and timely decisions and effecting change. Various degree programs are offered in leadership nowadays, and these may include:

Associate's degree
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree

The bachelor in leadership degree program provides students with the information and skills to meet the leadership needs of various corporate, non-profit, and government sectors. The aim is to learn more about the theory of effective leadership in a variety of contexts. The program teaches the skills required to be an effective organizational leader. It prepares managers as leaders in modern complex organizations, and builds on a foundation of business topics and liberal arts.

Apart from campus-based programs, many schools offer online bachelor's degrees in leadership program as well. Online programs offer certain benefits over campus-based programs. These programs provide a flexible learning schedule for students with busy lives. This means students could continue work at the same time. These programs may be less expensive than campus-based programs due to some lower costs associated with online education.

Bachelor in Leadership
Program Details

The program usually lasts for about four years. However, the exact duration depends on the enrollment status of the student.

Admission Requirements
The admission requirements of the program usually include the following:

  • Completed application
  • Statement of purpose
  • Professional resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency

The curriculum usually consists of the following:

Core Courses

College English
This course includes critical reading and written responses to essays

Intercultural Communication
This course offers students the opportunity to develop intercultural awareness resulting in patterns of perception and thinking. It enables them to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries.

Ethical Decision Making
This course uses a decision making model to analyze behaviors and make recommendations for actions ethical managers can make.

Foundation Courses

Introduction to Politics
This course offers an opportunity to students to learn contemporary political science, including concepts in political analysis.

Introduction to Psychology
This course explores the fundamental issues of contemporary scientific psychology.

Major Courses

Fundamentals of Human Communication
This course provides a foundation for understanding the communication process as it applies to human interaction.

Negotiation Skills
This course focuses on the processes of mediation, facilitation, and negotiation.

Evidence Based Leadership and Decision Making
This course is designed to increase a leader's information literacy for decision making.

Leadership Practicum
This course combines theory and practice through a structured consulting experience working with organizations. The above mentioned curriculum is usual for many programs. However, it may vary by different amounts between schools. For exact information, consult your college advisor.

Career Opportunities
Leadership is a quality commonly sought in employees when hiring. A leadership education may be applied to literally every industry. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership could work in a range of sectors including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Communication
  • Service
  • Charitable and non-profit organizations
  • Multinational organizations.

Another path graduates may choose is to enter the academic field by pursuing a master's and doctorate degrees in leadership.


Q:What will I learn in leadership graduate programs?

A:Leadership graduate programs are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of leadership. Students will study the effect of leadership in organizations and how to strengthen or develop skills in this field. The coursework will entail theoretical subjects and will also emphasize skill development. It is important to remember that the coursework will vary slightly from school to school.

Q:What is a Bachelor's degree in organizational Leadership?

A:A Bachelor's degree in Organizational leadership is an undergraduate program. It is designed to prepare students for leadership careers in organizations. The coursework of the program will emphasize various aspects of leadership and how to use skills to gear an organization towards success. Topics such as problem solving, effective communication, human resource, and emerging technologies are covered in the program.

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