Master in Hospitality Management

a master’s degree in hospitality management focuses on management and leadership in the hospitality industry; with courses focusing on executive-level management and business ventures. the master in hospitality management degree program aims to introduce students to new technologies and help you advance in your career. you may be able to choose between completing this program online or on-campus, but this will depend on which school you would like to attend.

prerequisites for admission
prerequisites to enter this degree program may vary from university to university, but many universities may require the applicant to fulfill the following similar criteria:

  • a statement of purpose
  • a resume
  • a career essay
  • letters of recommendation
  • a character essay
  • official transcripts of previous institutions attended
  • gmat or gre test scores
  • some universities or colleges may ask the applicant to come in for an interview
  • proof of english language proficiency in some cases

curriculum and coursework
the curriculum is designed to enhance and infuse various skills and qualities in a student. several of these qualities may include problem-solving skills, business skills, listening skills, customer service skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and leadership skills. the coursework may vary at each program, but core curriculum may include the following courses:

  • ethics in hospitality and tourism
  • hospitality operations management
  • finance and business administration for hospitality and tourism
  • human capital management and labor relations
  • perfecting the customer experience
  • event management
  • brand management
  • lodging
  • food service and restaurants
  • tourism and travel

certifications in hospitality management
the american hotel and lodging educational institute has designed certification programs in the hospitality and tourism industry. these certifications are recognized by the industry and help in all areas of hospitality: restaurants, hotels, spas, cruise ships, and bars. with a hospitality management master’s degree you could also consider getting the foodservice management professional designation from the national restaurant association educational foundation. large hotel chains may offer career advancement opportunities, but a master’s degree may help to open doors that may offer career advancement opportunities.

career opportunities
according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the median salary of lodging managers was $46,810 per year in 2012. the bls also projected that the number of people working as lodging managers would show very little or no change from 2012 to 2022. after you have successfully earned your master’s degree, you may be eligible to become a food service manager. according to the bls, the median salary of food service managers was $47,960 per year in 2012. the bls also predicted that the number of people working as food service managers would show no or little change between 2012 and 2022.


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