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Many reputable and accredited schools offer online human resources certificate programs. For busy professionals, who want to seek career advancement or want to further broaden their knowledge on human resource practices at middle to senior management level position, a human resources certificate online program could be helpful.

Online education is a great opportunity for individuals who work full-time but want to further their education without needing to quit the current job. The flexible scheduling in online certification programs allows individuals to download lectures, study, and complete coursework during times that fit within their current schedule. There are two types of human resources certificates that a person may attain. The first type of certificate is for individuals who want to learn basic HR skills to obtain entry level positions as recruiters, HR coordinators, or in the capacity of other HR administrative roles. General topics studied would include motivational theories, regulatory issues in the workplace, and talent acquisition.

The second type of certificate is targeted towards individuals who have already completed their bachelor's degree (in another or same discipline), but want to gain further education in HR at the graduate level. These days, many students supplement their bachelor's degree in another major with an online human resources certificate to pursue careers as human resources specialists and human resources managers.

Human Resources Certification Online- Different Specializations
Human resources is a broad area of study with an array of different specializations within the field. Individuals who wish to pursue an online certificate in human resources may do so by specializing in their particular area of interest. Examples include online HR certificates with specialization in selection and staffing, benefits and compensation, strategic human resource management, performance management, and human resource studies.

An online human resources certificate with a focus in selection and staffing equips the student with detailed knowledge in legal and ethical issues concerning the hiring and firing process of companies as well as effective employee retention techniques. Students specializing in the benefits and compensation area get to learn about retention strategies and the importance of various monetary and fringe benefits such as health insurance and retirement pensions. An online HR certificate in performance management will focus on equipping students with skills necessary to devise and implement the best performance based program for a particular organization.

HR certificates in strategic human resource management and human resource studies focus on important organizational theories and developments necessary in shaping a successful business.

Career Options:
Individuals with a certificate in human resource could go on to become human resource managers, human resource specialists, compensation and benefits managers, as well as training and development managers. The career options are not limited to these occupations alone and individuals could pursue a variety of other jobs, depending on their education level, experience, as well as interest.

Job Outlook:
According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of HR professionals such as HR Managers and HR specialists is expected to grow by 13 percent and 21 percent, respectively, from the years 2010 to 2020, which is faster than the average of all occupations.


Q:Does having a certification increase salary and H.R. job opportunities?

A:Yes, you can enhance your career opportunities by getting a certification. Certificate programs have become widely popular as employers are looking for individuals who have been certified in a certain field/task. If you are already working in HR, you can move up the corporate ladder by earning extra credentials and skills through this program.

Q:Should I go for a certificate in human resources after high school?

A:Opting for a certificate program or a college degree after high school depends upon your own personal preferences and career goals. If you wish to join the professional world as soon as you can, opting for a short course such as a certificate program can be useful. Certificate programs have become popular nowadays and are helping many pursue their academic dreams.

Q:How do i find jobs in human resource without a degree?

A:Unfortunately, it is not easy to pursue a career in the field of human resource management without having relevant qualifications. The field is growing fast and many developments are taking place. HR managers must have professional HR skills and knowledge to tackle with latest issues. However, if you do not have a degree, you can try getting a certification in the field.

Q:What is a certificate in human resource management?

A:A certificate program is a short course that is certifies a student in a specific field or occupation. Such certifications can help in boosting a career and enhancing professional skills. Individuals working in the HR field can take their career to the next level by earning a certificate program in this academic field.

Q:How many years does it take to get human resource certificate?

A:A certificate program is a short course. These courses are career oriented and can be completed in a short time span. Some institutes are offering HR certificate programs with a duration of 6 months, 8 months, and 12 months. Since the duration may vary from college to college, you will have to get in touch with schools and find out the exact duration.

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