doctoral in advertising

advertising plays a key role in our economy and has developed into a dynamic industry. television commercials, billboards, and even the website banners we come across online are examples of how advertising is being used in all mediums. many organizations use advertising to break into the industry and promote their brand. high competition and constantly changing consumer tastes have pushed the demand for creative advertisements and use of media. in the business world, millions of dollars are spent each year to fund advertising projects for all kinds of products and services.

employers are on the constant look out for creative, smart, and educated professionals who specialize in this field. advertising managers are among the highest paid business professionals nowadays, and have a high demand in the market. the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) has estimated the growth rate of these professionals to be approximately 12%. advertising and promotions is a separate academic discipline that may be pursed as major in college. many prestigious schools and universities are offering advertising degree programs at bachelor, master, and doctoral level. these programs are designed specifically for individuals who want to pursue careers in the advertising industry.

doctoral in advertising
also known as a phd in advertising, doctoral in advertising degrees are the highest level of education you may achieve. this program focuses upon research and advanced studies in the field. students who want to prep for high paying leadership or consulting jobs in the advertising industry could consider earning a doctoral degree.

the program will cover all major aspects of the field, and provide students with advanced knowledge. alongside regular classroom learning, the program entails a research paper and dissertation that must be completed as well. students will learn about the changing trends in advertising, technological advancements, organizational objectives, and consumer behavior. students will also learn how to create effective advertising and promotional strategies, and effectively implement them. some of the key areas covered in the curriculum have been listed below:

  • marketing
  • advertising and innovation
  • new product design
  • financial metrics
  • international marketing
  • product research
  • media

the duration and exact curriculum may vary from school to school. if you are unable to attend campus based classes, but still wish to enroll in a doctoral program, you could choose to earn a phd in advertising online degree. typically, the program could be completed in 4-7 years, but will basically depend upon the student's academic progress and enrollment status.

career opportunities
a doctoral degree in advertising could have numerous benefits and payoff. since the industry is growing fast, many new job openings have emerged for qualified experts. you could work in various advertisement firms and public relation agencies. doctoral degree holders usually qualify for top managerial jobs, consultation jobs, and executive job positions. these careers will test your creativity skills in many ways where you may have to manage different advertising projects. the income level will vary from job to job and will depend upon your employer. the median income advertising managers made in 2012 was $115,750 according to the bls.


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