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Many industries are based upon design and commerce, catering to a large global market. With advancement in technology, design careers have become more complex and sophisticated. Increased competition has also stressed the demand for highly skilled professionals who specialize in design. Design is a broad field that comprises of many sub-categories such as graphic design, game design, fashion design, interior design, multimedia design, and design management. Design may be defined as the creation or development of a plan that leads to the construction of a product, object, or system. If we take a look around us, we see many designs in the form of ads, buildings, products, and even fashion. Technology and globalization have transformed the field of design.

Bachelor in Design
A bachelor in design degree is a four year undergraduate program. The duration may vary due to students' enrollment status or academic progress. The main objective of bachelor's degrees in design is to provide individuals with an in-depth understanding of the area chosen for study. Most careers in design require students to hold at least a bachelor's degree. There are a number of accredited institutes offering bachelor's degrees in design.

The course components of bachelor's degree in design will typically comprise of theoretical learning and practice-oriented activities. Students will spend the first few semesters building a strong theoretical understanding of the field before moving onto more advanced-level subjects. Listed below are a few of the different design degrees available:

  • Graphic Design

Graphic design degrees are geared towards equipping students with in-depth knowledge about design principles and methods used in advertising, websites, magazines and book publications. Students will learn how to effectively communicate their visual skills, and develop all kinds of designs.

  • Fashion Design

Fashion design is among the most popular academic fields pursued by individuals. The program will allow students to learn about the fashion industry and fashion trends. By the end of the program, students will learn how to design and create all kinds of fashion clothes and apparel.

  • Web Design

Web design is a fast-growing field due to the increasing use of the internet. A bachelor's degree in web design will equip students with technical skills needed to design all kinds of websites and applications.

  • Game Design

Gaming has become a popular hobby in many countries. Individuals interested in this field will prepare for a challenging career in this industry with the help of game design bachelor's degrees. The program will provide students with skill and in-depth knowledge about game development.

Career Options
The exact career-path you choose to pursue will depend upon your area of specialization. You could seek work at entry-level or managerial level with a bachelor of design degree. Listed below are a few major occupations and their annual median income provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Graphic designers - $44,150
  • Multimedia artists - $61,370
  • Interior designers - $47,600
  • Fashion designers - $62,860

The growth rate for these occupations is steady. If you want to pursue a career that revolves around creativity, you could choose from a wide range of design careers and become a part of this ever-growing industry.


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