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Massage careers are on the rise and have been ranked as one of the best jobs by US News publications. This field of healthcare has gained prominence as more and more people are seeking massage therapy for relaxation as well as healing purposes. In simple words, massage therapy can be defined as manipulation of muscle and deep tissue to enhance function and aid in the healing process. There are all kinds of massage therapy techniques such as Swedish massage, sports massage, and Thai massage. Massage careers are a popular choice among individuals who want to assist others in physical recovery and provide massage services for recreational and health purposes. This field can not only be successful in the long run but also brings a sense of fulfillment and personal achievement in the short one.

Massage Degrees
Massage therapy degree programs are available at the associate, bachelor, and master's levels. If you are seeking short courses, you can opt for a massage therapy certification or diploma. Many institutes have added massage therapy education to their program offerings due to the increasing demand of this field. Massage degrees are basically aimed at providing individuals with knowledge and skills needed to become a successful massage therapist. A massage therapy program highlights all fundamental concepts, theoretical studies, and also provides crucial skill development training. With the massage therapy growing rapidly, individuals must have a strong skill set and in-depth knowledge of current industry trends. The curriculum of massage programs comprises of key subjects that students must cover. By the end of the program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively apply different body massage techniques
  • Coordinate and execute bodywork sessions
  • Have in-depth knowledge of bodyworks and therapeutic massage
  • Diagnose and assess patients with reflexive muscle issues
  • Promote wellness and fitness
  • Display a sound understanding of healthcare ethics
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills and therapy skills

In some massage degrees, students can also seek specialization in different types of massage therapy. Popularly pursued massage therapy techniques include Swedish massage therapy, aromatherapy massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, hot stone massage therapy, and sports massage therapy.

Certification and Licensing
Not all states require massage therapists to hold a license for practicing. However, earning a license can improve employment opportunities. To get a license, you must pass one of the main licensing examinations which are: Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. To make sure you qualify for practice, it is recommended that you check the licensing and training requirements in your state.

Career Opportunities
Massage therapist can seek work in different private and public organizations such as spas, fitness centers, hospitals, and clinics. The main job of a massage therapist is to treat clients by using recommended massage therapy techniques. The massage techniques applicable will depend upon the clients' needs. Some people seek massage therapy for recreational fun and relaxing, while others may require therapy for healing purposes. The median annual income of massage therapists was $35,970 in May 2012 as according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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