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What do you do when you accidentally lock your keys in your car, or lock yourself out of your house? In these situations, the person that is usually called for services is a locksmith. This is a professional who sells, installs, repairs, and maintains all kinds of lock systems. It is wrong to underestimate the skill of locksmiths as these professionals undergo extensive training and are well versed with modern lock systems and security systems. From residential homes to large corporate buildings, locksmiths are trained to install and repair complex locking systems in all kinds of buildings. There are many vocational schools offering training programs and degree programs in locksmithing. To become a locksmith, one must enroll in a program to learn the trade.

Locksmithing Degrees
The main objective of locksmithing degrees is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and skill needed for the field. Students enrolled in locksmithing programs will cover a wide range of subjects that discuss in detail different lock systems and lock devices Students will start off by acquiring fundamental knowledge of lock picking and key codes. Further in the program, more advanced topics are covered such as automotive locks and lock mechanisms. Courses may vary from college to college, but will cover general topics such as the ones listed below:

  • Introduction to lock and keys
  • Identifying keys
  • Keymaking and rekeying
  • Residential locks
  • Vaults and safes
  • Home and business security
  • Pinning kits

Much of the coursework is practice-oriented and entails practical exercises that aim at skill development. Students will acquire practical experience through such exercises where they will learn how to repair, install, and replace different lock systems. Locksmithing programs also highlight important management concepts. It is important for individuals to understand how a locksmith business is managed, and what skills are needed to work as a locksmith. Apart from locking and unlocking, locksmiths must also have business writing skills as they will be required to write reports, manage inventory, and interact with customers.

If attending college is not feasible due to work or financial constraints, students may choose to pursue online locksmithing degrees. Online programs in this field are covered through online conferencing, video lectures, slideshows, and online lectures. All that is required to participate in classes and complete coursework is a reliable internet connection and a computer.

Training and Career Opportunities
According to O*NET OnLine, a majority of locksmiths are self-employed. Many are also hired by the support services industry. No matter where you work, the job duties will tend to be the same. The annual median income of locksmiths was $37,950 in 2013. Most locksmiths acquire on-the-job training and work with experienced locksmiths in the initial phase of their career. You must demonstrate skill and expertise and should be able to do the following:

  • Make duplicate keys
  • Install electronic lock and alarm systems
  • Dissemble and assemble mechanical locking devices
  • Repair broken locks
  • Operate code key machines
  • Set up master key systems
  • Operate key cutting machines


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