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Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: "Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach." Total dedication is hard work though, and many require help. There are professionals out there with formal educational and work qualifications in physical education, kinesiology, exercise science, or a related field, who can help.

Why Pursue A Career In Physical Education
A degree in physical education or its related fields may be the best way to use one's customer-service skills, speaking skills, problem-solving skills, physical fitness, motivational skills, and listening skills. Furthermore, by motivating others to stay healthy and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the person him/herself stays on the track. Those with a degree in physical education, exercise science and kinesiology, may become head trainers and hire the personal training staff. They may also hold training sessions and prepare training curriculum. After acquiring the necessary work experience, they may feel confident enough to start their own business like a fitness center.

Job Outlook And Salary For Physical Trainers And Instructors
One of the professions associated with fitness related degrees is physical training and instruction. BLS reports physical trainers and instructors earning a yearly median salary of $31,090 in 2010. These are those physical trainers and instructors with a high school diploma or equivalent with no prior work experience. Therefore it can be assumed that those with a degree and work experience may do better.

Fitness Degrees Online
Fitness trainers and instructors interested in managerial position should think about enrolling online. Fitness degrees online are one of the best ways to acquire the requisite qualifications. Many online universities divide their degree programs in online tutorials and on-campus workshops, training sessions, etc. Online fitness degrees are ideal for those who have acquired a certificate in physical education and working as fitness trainers and instructors. Online enrollment will give them the liberty to pursue their academic qualifications while earning experience and money in the meanwhile.

Online Courses
Some of the following courses may be taught under a Bachelor's of Science degree in physical education (the exact title of a course may differ from university to university):

  • Human Body Systems
  • Biophysical Foundation of Human Movement
  • Teaching Fundamental Gymnastic Skills
  • Orthopedic and Athletic Injuries
  • Coaching Junior Athletes
  • Athletic Training and Conditioning
  • Special Education
  • Personal and Executive Coaching
  • Special Education
  • Human Resource Management in Education

The Many Uses Of Enrolling Online
You can enroll in a traditional physical education degree on-campus or online. However, the former may have a more rigid academic curriculum, allowing very little, if any, academic freedom. The latter may allow a student to make his/her own study schedule, allowing him/her to pace according to one's own potential. Online universities may teach the theory online through interactive lectures accessible on the world wide web and ask their students to come on campus when required for lab work, workshops, live sessions, etc.


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