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Drafting is all about creating plans and technical drawings. This field has evolved into a distinguished occupation that is demanded in many industries ranging from engineering to fashion and from architecture to retail. Drafting is the basic process for the development of any product or program. Drafters are professionals who design products and create plans for further processing. Manufacturers use the guidelines created by drafters to assemble and create the actual product. With the increasing use of technology, a number of computer-aided design and drafting programs have been developed for drafters. Although a number of professions still use the traditional pencil-to-paper techniques, drafters are now specializing in CAD drawing software to increase their employment opportunities.

Drafting Degrees
If you wish to become a drafter, you will need to acquire specialized education and training. Programs for drafting degrees will help you build the skills needed for a career. These degree programs are designed to provide you with knowledge of all aspects of the field, and prepare you for challenging careers ahead. Drafting degree programs are offered by a number of institutes at undergraduate and graduate levels. You could also pursue drafting at a certificate and diploma level. The admission criteria will depend upon which program you wish to pursue, and the institute in which you plan to enroll.

In a drafting program you will be required to complete all course components and assignments. The coursework typically entails certain theoretical subjects along with practice-based courses. You will acquire fundamental knowledge about drawings, sketching, dimensions, and instruments. Understanding the basic concept of drafting is necessary for further advanced studies. Most programs will cover basic courses in the initial phase, preparing individuals for more technical subjects ahead. You could also pick an area for specialization in drafting degrees. The options available for specialization will vary from school to school. Listed below are some of the most popular drafting specializations:

Drafting and Design Engineering Technology
This field covers technical drafting methods needed for architecture, manufacturing, and engineering industries.

CAD (Computer-aided drafting software)
You will learn how to use CAD software and create plans for various manufacturing equipment and products.

Mechanical Drafting
This field focuses on technical drawings, drafting technologies, and materials of construction.

Electrical Drafting
Electrical drafting will help you learn about wiring structures and development of wiring plans in building and power plants. You may pick an area according to your career plans and preference. It is important to remember that the coursework and curriculum may vary slightly from college to college. Some institutions are also offering online degrees in drafting.

Career Opportunities
With a degree from an accredited drafting school, you may expect a range of dynamic job opportunities in various industries. The job position you could apply for will depend upon your area of specialization and level of qualifications. You may choose to work in federal agencies, engineering firms, building contractor and architect firms, and even in forestry companies. The median income level of drafters has been estimated to be $49,630 in 2012 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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