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Biology is a major branch of science, which focuses upon the study of the natural world and living organisms. There are many sub-disciplines of the field that may be pursued for specialization. Biology offers a wide range of career opportunities for individuals who wish to major in this branch of science. Healthcare institutions, environmental conservation organizations, and many other firms require professionals who have earned a degree in biology. If you enjoy studying biology, and wish to pursue a career relevant to this subject, there are many career options from which to choose. Biology degrees are offered by many colleges and universities. Since biology is a vast field, individuals are required to pick an area for specialization.

Biology Degree Programs
You may enroll in biology degree programs at various accredited institutes. Most biology degrees are offered at the associate, bachelor, and master's degree levels. Each program has specified admission criteria that students must fulfill for enrollment. However, the general aim of biology degrees is to prepare students for a career in a specific field of biology. Typically, in a degree program in biology, students will cover general courses that help build a strong foundation of knowledge. It is necessary for students to understand the basic principles and functionality of biology before heading towards more advanced areas.

Some commonly studied fundamental courses include evolution and diversity, molecular biology, genetics, and organic chemistry. Students will undergo theoretical learning and develop concepts related to the field. Apart from theory-based learning, practical training is also a major part of the program. Many schools offer lab courses where students acquire experience and knowledge through practical implementation. Listed below are a few of the more popular pursued biology specializations:

  • Molecular and Cell Biology
    This major is designed for individuals who wish to acquire a strong background in cellular and molecular aspects of the field, and prepare for a career in genetic engineering of biotechnology.
  • Microbiology
    Microbiology aims at providing individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the biology of microorganisms. This field is designed to prepare students for a number of different careers in healthcare services, medical technology, and related careers in healthcare.
  • Environmental Biology
    This academic principle covers organisms and their interaction with the environment. Individuals who specialize in this area may work as professionals in diverse fields such as public health, conservation, public policy, and more.
  • Neurobiology
    Neurobiology is basically the study of the nervous system, and this specialization opens up career opportunities in healthcare and research.

The curriculum of each program will vary slightly and depend upon which institute you enroll in. Individuals who wish to study from their homes may choose to enroll in online biology degree programs.

Career Opportunities
The career-path you choose to pursue will depend upon your area of specialization. You could work in various fields such as healthcare, research, international relations, policy making, and more. The income level of biology degree jobs is likely to vary from place to place. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported the median income of microbiologists to be approximately $66,260 per year; whereas, wildlife biologists made a median income of $57,710 per year in 2012.


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