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According to Stanford University, ''the humanities can be described as the study of the myriad ways in which people, from every period of history and from every corner of the globe, process and document the human experience.'' There are many diverse disciplines that fall under the umbrella of humanities. In order to give you a better idea of what you can study, we've compiled a list of some humanities degrees along with a brief explanation:

Types of Degrees

Art & Art History:
Degrees in Art and Art History include courses like the history of art, studio art, and media and film studies. The curriculum is designed to enable students think critically about the visual arts and visual culture. Coursework involves an emphasis on the meaning of images and media, their historical development, roles in society, and link with disciplines like literature, music, and philosophy.

The Department of Classics at most universities offer programs that provide students with knowledge and training in many areas like literature, archeology, philosophy, social, economic and cultural history, and religion.

English-Language and Literature:
Most English courses encourage students to enhance skills like analytical thinking and creative writing. Students study about the various aspects of literary and cultural history. They make take course related to the structures of literary form, and the practice of reading and writing the language.

Programs in history are usually designed in such a way that students gain knowledge and skills that are required for fully understanding the relationship between the past and present. Students study about and analyze the changes over time by understanding how different factors and perspectives influence the course of events. Graduates with a history major may go on to pursue careers in various fields like law, business, journalism, public service, and education.

The primary focus of a degree in philosophy is to understand and analyze the ideas and theories of past thinkers and relate them to the contemporary world. Philosophical ideas have always had an important influence on social, political, and economic decisions. Therefore, knowledge of philosophy enables students of humanities to further their understanding of other areas too.

Religious Studies:
The programs in religious studies are designed in such a way that students study about varying perspectives on religion. They also learn about the history, rationale, and practice of specific religious traditions. The above is just a list of some popular humanities degrees. There may be many other programs that you could pursue.

Online Education
The study of humanities can be pursued at various levels; associate, bachelor or master's degrees. The level that you decide to get enrolled in will depend on your prior education and career objectives. Since a continually increasing number of people are turning to online education, many institutes now offer online humanities program. These distance learning programs are particularly appropriate for people who are already working and do not want to give up their jobs. They enable you to study within the comfort and convenience of your home. Online programs are equally rigorous in terms of curriculum and course content.

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