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To say history is merely the study of the past would be doing injustice to this great discipline. History is a window into the past, which provides us with an insight into the fascinating lives of the people who have shaped our current society. By learning from their actions, decisions, and mistakes, we hope to make a better present and future for our coming generations. Those who have studied history have not only gone on to become great historians, but some have become teachers, politicians, statesmen, generals, jurists, and more. It remains, to date, one of the most popular majors and minors that students choose at colleges and universities across the US. Thousands graduate with a degree in history each year.

History Degrees
History degrees
are offered at most colleges and universities. Those interested may pursue history studies at an associate or bachelor's degree level. Students who wish to pursue graduate studies may enter a master or doctoral degree program. A degree's duration, course requirements and entrance requirements would depend upon its level and may differ from school to school. Degrees in history may be offered in various specialized fields of history like American history, European history, African history, Asian history, and many more. These specialized fields may further be divided into sub-categories. For example, a student majoring in American history may concentrate on American Indian history, the American Revolutionary War, Slavery, the Civil War, post-World War II American history, Jewish history, and many more. Similarly those majoring in Asian history may exclusively focus on China, Japan, Korea, India, and other countries in the region. Some history majors focusing on a country or region may also enroll in a foreign language course. For example, during the Cold War, students majoring in Russian history also took up Russian language courses.

Online History Degrees
Distance learning has now made it even easier to read, analyze and learn from those who lived before us. Students may enroll in an online history program, and earn a degree without ever having to set foot on campus. A student enrolled in an online history program will gain an understanding of the development of human society and the cultural, economic, social and political dynamics that influence the present world.

Some of the courses taught may be titled as:

  • The United States Since the Civil War
  • The American West since 1850
  • A History of Greek Civilization
  • History of Medieval India
  • Modern Global Environmental History

An online master's degree in history helps to prepare and create professional historians. Students may choose their own area of interest, and then show competence through course work, research, and thesis work.

Benefits of Online Education
An online degree in history may be most beneficial for students who are full-time working professionals and cannot make time to attend traditional on-campus classes. Furthermore, stay-at-home parents may also find distance learning to be beneficial in many ways. Older students looking to learn at their own pace, may also enroll in online programs, and earn a degree in history without going through the hassle of campus life. Earning a degree in history may be more accessible now than ever before.


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