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Radiology, also known as medical imaging, is a major branch within healthcare. Doctors detect and diagnose diseases through medical imaging. Radiology technology is considered as a breakthrough in healthcare, and it allows doctors to save the lives of many people suffering from diseases that may have gone undetected. The field has opened up many career opportunities and has pushed the demand for radiologist technicians and experts. Did you know that radiologic technician careers are ranked among the best jobs in America by US News & World Report?

There are many different career-paths one could pursue with a radiology degree. Many accredited medical schools and vocational schools are offering radiology degree programs and certifications. Whether you want to work as a radiologist technician or a radiology nurse, pursuing specialized education in this particular area is mandatory. Campus-based radiology degree programs and online radiology degrees are typically offered for associate, bachelor, and master's degrees.

Radiology Degrees
Students enrolled in a radiology degree will acquire in-depth knowledge of medical imaging and technology. The program will build fundamental conceptual knowledge as well as skills. Students will broaden their understanding of the role of radiology in the healthcare industry and how it is used for diagnosing diseases.

Throughout the program, students will learn how to work competently in diverse healthcare environments. It is important that radiologists understand their roles and responsibilities before beginning their career. Listed below are a few main objectives of radiology degree programs:

  • Students will develop critical-thinking skills and strong analytical skills
  • The program will provide students with in-depth knowledge of different radiology and imaging techniques
  • Students will learn how to operate radiology equipment
  • Students will understand the ethical boundaries in which they are expected work in

Most programs follow a similar format that entails theoretical learning and practical skill enhancement. Students will be required to participate in practical courses that are taught in labs. Practical coursework is geared towards allowing students to learn how to use various medical imaging machinery and equipment. The exact curriculum may vary from school to school, but typically cover subjects such as:

  • Medical imaging theory
  • Physics of computed tomography
  • Human cross-sectional anatomy
  • Medical language systems

Certification and Licensing
The licensing and certification requirements will vary from state to state. If you plan to get a license, you must pass the certification exam conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). There are a number of other associations that certify radiologists such as the American Board of Radiology. Certification may boost your career opportunities and income level in the healthcare industry.

Career Opportunities
There are many different job positions you could choose from with a degree in radiology. Some common jobs include radiologic technician, radiology assistant, radiologic technologist, and radiologist. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologic technologist and MRI technologist made a median annual income of $55,910 in 2012. Your education, certification, state, and specialization will help determine your income level. This field is among the fastest growing in healthcare with a current growth rate of 21%.


Q:Can you give me some information on how to become an mri tech?

A:MRI technicians are trained to use magnetic resonance imaging equipment. In order to become MRI technicians, students are generally required to complete an Associate's Degree in radiologic technology. They must then obtain an MRI technology certification. Some states also require a license to operate MRI machinery. You may search online for any additional requirements depending on which State you live in.

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