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Public health has a broad application and could be considered as a foundation of building a healthier world. Public health could have its impact on everything that is around us. The field has been instrumental in improving human health. It develops and applies knowledge so that diseases may be prevented, and the public may be protected from potential harm. It is a growing field with abundant career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. It addresses some of the crucial healthcare issues faced by today's world, such as increasing costs of healthcare and prevention of disease and disability.

Achievements of Public Health
Public health has contributed in many different areas of healthcare. Some major achievements of public health include:

  • Control of infectious diseases
  • Safer and healthier foods
  • Healthier mothers and children
  • Decline in mortality from chronic diseases
  • Vaccinations
  • Motor vehicle safety

Public Health Degrees
Public health degrees
aim to promote an understanding of health and disease based on various public health principles. The primary goal of degrees in public health is to prepare students to work in the field of public health, and make their contribution in improving the quality of life of individuals and communities. The degree program includes both foundational as well as advanced courses. Initially, students acquire basic knowledge of public health principles and practices. After completing core courses, students may choose concentrated study tracks in various areas, such as Environmental and Occupational Health, Health Delivery, and Health Behavior.

These degrees are offered by both online and traditional on-campus schools. While some degrees have a broad spectrum and cover many aspects of public health, others concentrate on some specific areas. Major degrees in the field include:

  • Associate's degree  in Public Health
  • Bachelor's degree  in Public Health
  • Master of Public Health
  • Doctor of Public Health
  • Certificate in Public Health

The coursework for public health degrees may vary for each institutes and degree levels. However, the major courses covered include:

  • Assessing Community Health Needs and Resources
  • Introduction to Health Policy and Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health Problems
  • Global Health Policy and Management
  • Global Issues in Social and Behavioral Health
  • History and Principles of Public Health
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Qualitative and Field Methods
  • Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health

Online Public Health Degree Programs
Individuals who are unable to acquire campus based education may choose to enroll in online public health degree programs. Online programs are convenient for students as they are able to study at their own pace and follow their own study schedule. In addition, online programs are cost effective as they do not require some costs associated with on-campus programs: commuting to campus, textbooks, or dorm room accommodation.

Public Health Careers
Individuals with a degree in public health may work in many different sectors such as education, administration, management, policy, community practice, and research. Public health professionals also get the opportunity to work in a variety of settings such as colleges and universities, hospitals and clinics, insurance companies, industry and business, regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, and consulting firms.


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