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Health science programs generally center on a core foundation in health science subjects such as biological sciences and humanities, and may include other disciplines such as public health. Health science degrees are offered at various educational levels (associate, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees), and may be earned through on-campus, online, or hybrid programs, but this will depend on the college or university you choose to attend.

Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences
A bachelor's degree in health science is a flexible major and includes various concentrations such as diabetics, youth development, and nutrition science.

  • Coursework
Coursework may vary from university to university, but the following core courses could be offered:
  • General Chemistry
  • Principles of Biology
  • Statistics
Some colleges or universities may ask the students to complete residency requirements in order to graduate.
  • Employment and Career Outlook
Graduates of bachelor's degree programs in health science may be able to work in various sectors such as public health and insurance companies. Career titles may include community health workers, health educators, and residential care worker. The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculated that community health workers and health educators earned a median figure of $41,830 per year in 2012. 

Master's Degree Program in Health Science Program
A master's degree in health science program builds upon the health sciences foundations of the bachelor's degree program. Various concentrations of this program include health promotion, nutrition science, and safety management.
  • Admission Requirements
Some universities of colleges may expect students to have professional experience in the healthcare industry in addition to a bachelor's degree before applying for this program.
  • Coursework
The curriculum may vary from university to university, but could include the following courses:
  • Social Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics
  • Family Health

Most universities and colleges include a written thesis in their curriculum.

Career Outlook

Individuals with a master's degree in health science may be able to become epidemiologists. The BLS reported on its website that the median pay of epidemiologists was $65,270 per year in 2012.

Doctoral in Health Science
A doctoral program in health science is research-based. Concentrations may include health promotion, public health, and gerontology.
  • Coursework
Core courses may include:
  • Global Health Policy
  • Healthcare Education and Policy
  • Health Issues in the U.S.

Career Outlook

Students who successfully complete this program may be able to become post-secondary teachers.


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