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Almost every aspect of our lives is now being influenced by computers. From the mobile phones we use to the laptops and tablets we use at the office, these gadgets have revolutionized the way we communicate, organize our data, and solve various problems. Computer engineering is a discipline which integrates the knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science, and enables students to understand the workings of computers on a circuit level. Students may also use this knowledge to create their own microprocessors, hardware, and software for their own purpose. In today's world, this is a highly needed profession which cannot be ignored. Many universities offer computer engineering degrees at an undergraduate and graduate level. Students who graduate from these programs may go on to create efficient and faster processors which could be used by millions of people across the world.

Some students, however, do not have easy access to an institution offering a degree in this field. They could have family commitments or other responsibilities which would keep them being able to enroll in school. Others may be currently working in this field, but are looking for an opportunity to increase their knowledge. For them, enrolling in a campus-based computer engineering degree is unfeasible because it would mean disrupting their work and lifestyle. For these people, an online computer engineering degree is an option that could help them earn this degree. These degrees eliminate the need to commute to a campus to attend classes, and makes education more accessible and flexible for all applicants. Also, the material is available online, so you are able to work through it from any location at your own convenience.

Applicants for undergraduate programs must have a high school diploma or a GED. Having some basic knowledge of computers is beneficial, but not a concrete requirement. Students who have taken physics and understand electronics, and have a good command over math and computing in general, are strongly recommended to apply. The exact duration of the degree program will vary based on your enrollment status. An undergraduate degree usually takes about four years to complete, and a graduate program usually takes an additional two years. Graduate students are required to have an undergraduate degree in computer engineering from an accredited institution when they apply. Students must have a good academic record and good recommendations.

Program Curriculum
Typically, an online computer engineering degree is structured the same way as a campus-based degree. Students will understand the basics of programming in C++ and other languages, learn more about computer architecture, and learn how to create their own operating systems and microprocessors. Students at the graduate level may choose to specialize in a particular area of computer engineering: software or hardware. They will also be working on projects to gain more hands-on experience. This learning experience will be supplemented by class-based lectures on more advanced topics than those covered at the undergraduate level.


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