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What is Six Sigma
The concept of Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986 for process improvement. Many organizations interpret Six Sigma as a measure of quality that aims for near perfection. Six Sigma can be defined as a disciplined and data driven approach used for eliminating defects. In order to achieve Six Sigma, a process should not have more than 3.4 defects in one million opportunities. A Six Sigma defect is anything which does not fall in customer specifications. Process sigma can be easily calculated by making use of Six Sigma calculator.

Six Sigma Degrees
The following are the major types of Six Sigma certifications offered to students:

Six Sigma Yellow Belt
This is a basic certificate program offered by Six Sigma training. It is suitable for students who wish to have foundational knowledge of Six Sigma, or college students who wish to expand and add to their skill set. The program teaches some management skills, but it does not cover the subject as thoroughly as other programs would. It is a more affordable version of Six Sigma Certification, as costs are much lower than the other programs.

Six Sigma Green Belt
Green belt is the second level of Six Sigma training. It offers more detailed and in-depth look on Six Sigma methodology. This program is suitable for a person who wishes to advance in a management field. A person with a Six Sigma Green Belt could be good team player, and who may be likely to add value to process improvements. Green Belts normally perform  major Six Sigma projects in a company and a Six Sigma hierarchy. They are guided by Six Sigma Black Belts and help their juniors and Six Sigma Yellow Belts.

Six Sigma Black Belt
This training is for candidates from the upper level of management. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt person is likely to have sound leadership skills. They need to have skills and knowledge to lead the colleagues they will be working with. The certification will teach candidates a number of skills, such as delegation and an appropriate division of work in a team setting. The program can also be an opportunity for those who want to grow in their career. Six Sigma is a challenging certification, but it may be quite useful for practically any business. It could also be a good asset to mention on resume, and could be applied to any business to increase profits.

Online Six Sigma Degrees
Six Sigma certificates are also available through online education. They may be a good opportunity for individuals who are unable to attend classes on a campus. Online students are offered didactic coursework, and they also work on mock improvement projects. With online programs, students may require some communication and leadership skills through onsite work. Some online programs may require students to attend on site seminars or projects. On site projects enable students to implement Six Sigma principles. Certain online programs also require an internship in an organization or a business setting.


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