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Business communication, an academic and professional field, combines both the elements of business and communications. It encompasses marketing, customer relations, interpersonal communication, community engagement, corporate communication, public relations, advertising, and brand management. A degree in business communications could help lead to a professional career in advertising, promotions, or as a marketing manager. Some market research analysts hold a degree in business communication as well.

Business Communications Degrees
Students interested in pursuing a career in business may want to consider enrolling in a bachelor of science in business communications degree. Students may learn business principles along with communication strategies in technology, social media, interpersonal communication, and writing. Like all other undergrad degrees, business communications degrees could be earned in four years. However, depending upon a student's enrollment status, it may take more or less time than four years to finish the degree program.

Within the curriculum, students may be given the opportunity to concentrate on various specialized tracks like:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing Communication
  • Management and Organizational Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Health Communication
  • Emerging Media

In addition, students may enroll in a general program which may allow them to create their own learning experience. Some of the courses offered under this track may be titled as:

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Negotiation and Persuasion
  • Dynamics of Change
  • Business Law
  • Interpersonal Communication

For some business professionals, a bachelor's degree in business communication may not be enough. They may want to consider enrolling in a graduate degree program in business communication. The program may be beneficial for them in a variety of ways.

  • For business managers, it may offer extended business experience into communications-related functions.
  • For communicators, it may offer an opportunity to expand their communication expertise into business.
  • Through this program, professionals from other fields may acquire the power of strategic communication to drive productivity in any business.

The program may take two years to complete; however, part-time students may take longer to finish. Some schools may admit only those students with prior academic and work knowledge of business communication, while others may be more flexible.

Online Education
Degrees in business communication are available both in traditional and online settings. Due to a fact that many business communications majors are working professional, the online option may suit them the most. With online classes, students could still keep their daytime jobs and study in the evening from the comfort of their home. The online option provides them with flexibility to make their own study schedule and more. Students may also enroll in universities that may not be local and far away from home. Another advantage of enrolling online may be its cost effectiveness. Some students find online programs to be cheaper. This is especially true when commuting and other related costs are taken out of the total. Business communication majors play a critical role in the nation's economy. Their prime objective is to promote a product, or a service through better business and communication skills.


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