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French was ranked as the second most studied foreign language in the United States by Forbes magazine in the year 2008. An assortment of universities, colleges and institutions spread across the United States, offer French education programs at various educational levels. You may also benefit from simple French language classes that simply teach you how to write and speak basic French. You may learn French and choose to complete a degree in French via online or on-campus French classes depending on your choice of university or college.  


Various degree programs in French language may include:

  • Certificate in French language

A certificate in French may not be a proof of French language proficiency, but it may aid the student to polish a graduate school application or other academic pursuits.

  • Associate's degree in French program

An associate's degree in French program is designed so that a student may transfer his or her credits to a four year bachelor's program after successfully completing this degree. The curriculum may prepare you for various careers such as state department, travel, translation, foreign trade and teaching etc. The coursework may vary depending on your choice of university or college but core courses may include introduction to French, the grammar of spoken French and French literature etc.

  • Bachelor's degree in French program

At the bachelor's degree in French program educational level students are prepared and trained to demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing French proficiency, as well as fluent French speaking skills. Coursework may differ depending on which university or college you choose to attend but core courses may include elementary French, French speaking world and culture, intermediate French, oral French expression, French civilization and French literature.

  • Master's degree in French program

The master's degree in French program is designed for secondary-level teachers who plan to either teach French at a university or college, or work in an international or multi-cultural environment. This program also focuses on the improvement of a student's understanding and speaking skills of the French language beyond the understanding and competency of undergraduate students. The curriculum may vary from university to university but normally the coursework includes French linguistics, teaching methods of French and theory of French literature.

At the master's level students may be tested via various methods before they can successfully complete their master's degree in French program. These methods may include oral French tests, in addition to written examination. Some universities or colleges may also require the students to develop a master's thesis based on the research of one of their course's final paper.

  • Doctoral program in French

A student may enroll in a doctoral program in French only after he or she has successfully completed a master's degree program in French. During the PhD in French program students are tested through written and oral examination. These exams and tests are conducted with the aim that students may develop new ideas that they may then use in their dissertation topic. The PhD program aims to provide students with a sound and advanced knowledge of the French language, literature and culture. After completing their doctoral program, students may go on to become post-secondary teachers in various universities or colleges across the United States.

  • Learning French classes via language institutions

A student may choose to enroll in online or on-campus classes in these language institutions to learn French. The curriculum of these institutions is normally based on various stages; higher stages signifying higher proficiency in the French language of a student.

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