What Is An Executive MBA?

Earning an Executive MBA Degree allows you to give a boost to your career and make the best of your prior work experience. An Executive MBA program is particularly designed for working professionals who have profound work experience. Getting into this program allows you to upgrade your knowledge and develop your career prospects. Executive MBA education is offered by regular as well as online institutes. You can choose a learning route according to your own preference and suitability.

The Scope of Executive MBA Degree

To successfully enroll in an Executive MBA program you need to have at least 7 years of work experience. Other criterion of enrollment may vary from school to school. Most MBA Executive programs take about 1 year to complete. You will learn managerial as well as problem solving skills in real business situations in these training programs.

Concentrations in Executive MBA Degree Programs
There are a number of concentrations offered in Executive MBA Degree
Programs. Some of them include:


  • Business management
  • Project management
  • IT
  • Nursing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Geriatrics And Gerontology
  • Law & Legal
  • Educational Leadership & Administration
  • Geriatrics And Gerontology
  • Economics
  • Leadership
  • Marketing

Online Executive MBA Degree
Online MBA Executive programs are highly suitable for working professionals. Compared to the regular executive MBA programs, these programs provide you with more flexibility. You can enroll in an online Executive MBA course from any location and complete it at your own pace.

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