Landscape Design Programs

Overview of Field
Landscape Design Programs allow students to design parks, gardens and other outdoor spaces. Students in these programs learn to design the plantings and landscape of commercial and residential properties. Structural as well as technical skills are important parts of these programs. Aspiring landscape designers get to know landscape design theory and principles which enables them to plan and design outdoor spaces in an effective manner. Drafting, drawing and site analysis is also another part of Landscape Design programs. Students will also gain horticultural knowledge in addition to business skills to establish a career as a landscape designer.

Landscape Design Degree Programs
Students interested to pursue a career as a landscape designer can enroll in degree programs such as an associate, bachelor or master's degree. As associate's degree can help you get entry level positions in this field while the other two programs can lead you to senior level positions in landscape design. An associate's degree program spans over 2 years while bachelors and master's degrees can be earned in 3-4 years. All these programs are offered at regular schools as well as online institutes. Other than the degree programs, there are some institutes that offer certificate programs in Landscape Design as well. The certificate programs allow you to perk up your knowledge and skills in this field. In order to get into a landscape design program, students need to look for a reputable and accredited institute. You can choose the internet and explore all your options. It will help you to find a school that will allow you to earn an academic recognition in landscape design that has wide acceptance in the job market.

Highlights of Coursework                                          
Students in a Landscape Design program apply artistic and science principles to create useful, practical and attractive outdoor spaces. Some of the courses included in the landscape design programs are Soil Science, Design Principles, landscape Construction, Computer Aided Design and Landscape Maintenance. Disease and Pest Control and Estimating and Contracting are also included in these degree programs. Construction materials and methods as well as soil courses are included in landscape design trainings.

Career Prospects
Once you complete the educational requirement to become a landscape designer, you can choose to work as a designer or a manager in this field. Most landscape designers choose to set up their own business while others can find lucrative job opportunities in different designing firms. You can earn $35,000 to $135,000 per year as a landscape designer. Also, there are many additional career benefits to look forward to for these professionals.


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