Illustration Degrees

Drawing And Illustration
Illustration is about demonstrating ideas in a visible form. The profession has a broad range of application. You can make use of illustration in graphic novels, children's books, or work on visual development of games and animation.  Due to the wide scope of illustration, an illustrator needs to acquire skills related to both digital and traditional tools. Specialized illustration needs specialized training.

Illustration Schools
The purpose of Illustration schools is to train students in drawing and illustration. These art schools enable students to sharpen their existing artistic skills and also teach them new drawing techniques. Students do not always learn illustration to enter a profession; however, art schools may prepare students for different careers in illustration. The competition in the field of illustration has enhanced the value of illustration schools. Since only the most talented and skilled professionals make their way to the top, the training and guidance given by illustration schools can be quite meaningful for students. With the help of illustration schools, students can build upon and hone their existing talents. A creative and highly skilled illustrator is what most employers are looking for and a quality illustration school can play a significant role in it.

Illustration Degrees
Illustration schools offer various degrees and certificates for students.  Students usually have the option of selecting courses and degrees that are varied in their duration. Certification programs in illustration cover the basic aspects and normally require a year or less. The associate's and bachelor's degree programs are more commonly offered. An associate's degree takes two years, while a bachelor's degree in illustration takes four years to complete. Associate's and bachelor's degree programs aim to give more detailed knowledge and training on various aspects of illustration. Major courses in illustration include The Graphic Novel, digital painting, narrative illustration, book illustration, digital media, and illustration design.

Online Illustration Degree
Although, online illustration degrees and courses cover the same material, as that of an on campus program, they are a lot more convenient and flexible. With online programs, you can study at your own pace, and at the time that suits you best. Online courses can also prove to be cost efficient, as there are no travelling, hostel accommodations, or textbook costs associated with them. Most of the course content is available online. Tuition costs of online programs are also less, due to the inherently cheaper setup of online schools.

Illustration Careers
In order to find the right illustration job, you should know where to apply. You can find jobs in publishing houses and magazines, where illustrators are needed to make drawings or create graphics. Many job searchers might not know that hospitals and medical journals also need illustrators to make diagrams and medical illustrations. If illustrators possess wit and humor, they can also work on comic books or as cartoonists. Many illustrators choose freelancing.  They draw portraits of people on craft fairs and on street. Some illustrators also get the opportunity to have their work displayed in art galleries and museums. Authors also look for freelance illustrators to make artwork for their books.


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