Phlebotomy Training

Overview of Field
Phlebotomy Training provides students with the know-how of blood transfusion process, medical studies and laboratory testing. Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood from patient safely. There are different Phlebotomy Trainings that can prepare the students to work in clinic laboratories and carry out this task.



Types of Phlebotomy Training Programs

Students can enroll in certification, diploma, or a degree program in Phlebotomy. Certification and diploma courses generally take 6 months to 1 year to complete. Degree courses such as an associate's program spans over 2 years. Most aspiring Phlebotomists prefer to earn an associate's degree to enter this field. You can also go for a Phlebotomy bachelor's degree program that takes up to 3-4 years to complete. Getting Phlebotomy Training at community colleges, hospitals or private medical facilities can help you to get the required knowledge and skills in less than a year.


Coursework Highlights

Some of the courses taught in Phlebotomy Training programs include venipuncture, vascular anatomy, vascular physiology and skin puncture techniques. You will also learn about the safety procedures and proper handling of blood specimens in these programs. Using syringes, vacuum tubes, needles and other apparatus is taught in the Phlebotomy Trainings. These programs include classroom studies as well as hands on training in labs.


Career Prospects

Phlebotomists can work in hospitals, labs and clinics. They can also find employment at doctor's offices. On average, these professionals can earn s $45,840 per year.


Finding a School

You can get Phlebotomy Training from private clinics, community colleges, vocational schools as well as online institutes. Prior to enrolling in a program, it is imperative to investigate about the reputation and accreditation of a school. This will help you get quality training and academic recognition that can get you wide acceptance in the job market.


Phlebotomy Training In Louisville KY

There are a number of Phlebotomy Training programs in Louisville, KY. You can choose from certificate, diploma and degree programs in this field. Although it is not mandatory to have a national-level Certification in Kentucky, most employers prefer to hire phlebotomists with certifications. You can pursue Phlebotomy Training in community colleges, vocational schools and private clinics in Louisville, KY.

Featured Programs
Walden University Online

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Q:Which schools are offering Phlebotomy Training in Louisville KY?

A:There are a number of schools listed on our website offering the Phlebotomy Training programs in Louisville, KY. These schools have online programs as well as campus based programs. Here are the names of some of the popular ones: American Intercontinental University Online, Ashford University, Keller Graduate School of Management, Keiser University Online, and Walden University Online.

Q:What subjects will I cover in phlebotomy training classes?

A:You will cover subjects such as anatomy, physiology m body systems, circulatory systems, circulatory system, urinary systems, composition of blood, laboratory procedures, and CPR. These are just a few of basic courses that phlebotomy classes cover. You may study more advanced level areas, depending upon the type of phlebotomy program you enroll in.

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