Finance Consultant

Finance Consultant is a commerce career of providing financial services and support to individuals and entities such as partnerships or companies, etc.  A career in this denomination focuses on assistance in numerous finance concerns such as taxes, investment appraisal, risk management, insurance and mortgages along with simple bookkeeping tasks. With ever increasing financial issues in the world, especially the recent credit crunch worldwide, the Financial Consultant courses are stupendously in demand. Many universities and institutes have started offering on-campus as well as online distance learning programs in this category.

What does a Finance Consultant do?

The key role of a Finance Consultant or a Finance Advisor is to manage equilibrium of all monetary aspects of the client, ensuring the cash flow is balanced with manageable risk and profit to loss ratios. They use various tools to achieve this balance, such as the mutual funds, bonds, investment brokerages and actuarial products, using their expertise to not only secure the funds but also increase the profit ratio. Many consultants charge commission along with the basic fee and the renowned names in this field can charge much more than the freshmen. Major financial Institutes such as AIG, Price Waterhouse Coopers International, IRS and all of the major business corporations need Financial Consultants on permanent and contractual basis, clearly stating the demand of this career path.

How to become a Finance Consultant?
There are many routes to becoming a Finance Consultant. One common route is through Bachelor's degree in Finance or Applied Accounts. Those who wish to get an edge over others may also opt for an MBA qualification in a similar denomination. It would also matter if the student studies finance from renowned institutes such as Kaplan International or University of Phoenix along with many others listed on our website. Another route can be through certifications and professional qualifications offered by financial bodies and societies such as CFA (USA),, CFP (USA), or ACCA (UK),. But getting the appropriate qualification is one thing. There is also a strong need to have the proper work experience from big firms and institutes to make it big in this career.

Career Prospects

Most of the Finance Consultant professionals start from $80,000 per annum and with experience and recognition you can also earn around a staggering $300,000 per annum, ensuring a rewarding career in both monetary as well as designation terms. Financial consultants can also reach the level of Finance Managers and CFOs with time and dedication to a sector. Along with this the one of the most important things of being a Finance Consultant is that you don't necessarily have to work in a corporation or a firm to practice consultancy.  In fact, many finance professionals work from home or have their own set ups, providing financial assistance to clients as per their convenience. There are also examples of consultants starting from small set ups of their own and ending as owners of large firms like Earnest & Young. Whatever the career aspirations you might have, one thing is for sure, a career as a Finance Consultant can make your dreams come true.

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