Education in China

China the country that is at the verge of becoming the world's super power is regarded as a land of opportunities by many. There are countless people out there who seek educational opportunities to gain knowledge in for the purpose of settling there. The system of Education in China works differently from the rest of the world. In China the minimum level of education is nine years. These nine years of compulsory education are followed by university education. Opting for University academics is optional and depends entirely on an individual's future goals and ambitions. The State Education Commission known as SEC is responsible for keeping a check on the educational standards in China. It is the Chief Administrative Authority formulating all educational policies. The Higher Education System is strictly controlled by SEC.
Education in China has been improved and modified over the years. After the 70's the economic sector was given top most priority for modernization purposes. In the 80's some laws were especially developed regarding education system. The law of Compulsory Education was enforced which meant that the primary and secondary education were now compulsory in China. All this led to the development of State Education Commission.

The new millennium saw more reforms in the education sector. The common goal of all the reforms was to increase the number of students acquiring university and higher education. The purpose was to have as many trained graduates as possible. Today China enjoys proper growth in the education sector with literacy rate of 93%. The adult Education in China has been divided in three components adult primary adult secondary and lastly adult higher education. The standards of universities are also raised. Consequently all these reforms raised the standards of Education in China along with having a direct impact on the literacy rate.

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