Education in America

America is often accused of being a nation of immigrants but the people hardly mention the reasons why everyone wants to be in the U.S. One major reason which has made it the most attractive country of the world is its education system. World's leading universities research centers new disciplines and modern technology all lead to one statement i.e. the Education in America is the reason why it stands tall among other nations. According to a rough estimate more than six hundred thousand foreign students get admissions in American universities every year. People's feel pride in being qualified from American and rightly so as when they return to their respective countries all well paid and high posts are waiting to embrace them. American education system encompasses the entire aspects of a student life; its focus on early childhood education can reveal the importance of Education in America.
The United States of America spends about 12% of its budget on education annually and made laws such as like No Kids Left Behind Act. These measures have paid off well enough; the literacy rate in America is 98%. Each year approximately 8 million American students are enrolled in schools colleges and university. Although the economic growth of a country depends on the number of educated citizens it produces annually but America has crossed that saturation level there are experts who believe that America has to cut down its education budget in order to speed up its economic growth rate. Most of the development in America is the result of excessive research and experimentation. It is entirely true that the entire world has benefited from the system of Education in America and the efforts made by American or American Qualified experts. It is now time to direct the educational expertise to help the less fortunate people of the world.



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