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ACE stand for American Council on Education and since the time of its inception in 1918 is responsible for conducting the necessary research public policy and other topics relevant to higher education. Having a key role in higher education leadership development this organization constitutes of more than one thousand and eight hundred accredited universities and colleges. All other organizations corporations and associations related to higher education are authorized and regulated by the American Council on Education. Another notable feature of this council is that it developed the General Education Development GED testing program. The Council is also responsible for administering the GED program. The purpose of a GED test is that seeks to measure your capabilities and academic skills and compare it to that of a high school graduate. The purpose of a GED test is to check and certify that a person lacking a high school Diploma posses the knowledge and skill of a High School graduate.


The American Council on Education also prepares college deans faculty members vice presidents and academicians for acquiring leadership positions in American Universities and Colleges. The program responsible for this is called ACE Fellows Program which began in 1965.  American Council of Education represents Higher education in Washington DC and across the nation. It provides a platform for the flow of vital information and programs regarding education. It proves to be a forum for holding discussions regarding key issues. Membership is open to an accredited University or College and the higher education associations within the United States. The Mission of ACE is to provide a unifying voice on key issues related to higher education and to influence public policy through program initiatives research and advocacy.


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