Character Education

Almost all elementary and secondary schools have character education pro


grams the purpose of which is to teach the children how to act more civil and well behaved in general. There are number of character education programs which are offered by various education institutes as well as some businesses. The programs offered by businesses are generally meant for their employees only whereas learners can take up the courses offered by educational institutes. Character education programs are a must for stay at home parents so that when they teach their kids at home they can help their children have a more socially acceptable behavior.
Character education courses and program are a very effective way of improving your skills for dealing with children. If you are a teacher or work with children in one way or another taking up a character education course can be greatly helpful in implementing character education. Each and every minute spent on the campus in school contributes to the character building of children even when they are in the playground. And that makes all the character education programs all the more important even for the Physical Education teachers who can teach them how to maintain a positive and healthy attitude even on the field.

Different programs have different basic values principles etc. Primarily there are four kinds of programs offered at school level like Cheerleading define and drill praise and reward forced formality. All of these approaches are very different in technique but they have shown quick proven results in the behavior of children. Cheerleading is one of the most popular programs in high schools. Praise and reward is a positive reinforcement technique that works equally well. School counselors are the general practitioners of the education. Character Education at all levels contributes greatly toward building a responsible society.

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