Online Criminology Courses

Online Criminology Courses are designed to enable students to understand the social and personal aspects of crime without being bound to attend the classes in person. They can enroll in these programs from any location and learn the responses to crime and deviance at their own pace. Generating and evaluating evidence, ethical judgments, analyzing and interpreting data are some of the skills that students learn in the Online Criminology programs.


Why Online Criminology Courses?                    

Compared to the regular programs, the Online Criminology Courses are more flexible. They allow the students to study from the comfort of their own home. Students are also not stuck to attend classes at any fixed schedule; they may study at their own timings. Also, the online programs in Criminology are more cost effective than the regular programs offered in this field of specialization.


Types of Online Criminology Courses

Online Criminology Courses include Associate's degree to master's degree programs. Students in these programs cover a number of courses such as:

  • Social problems and policy
  • Sociology and deviance
  • Crime
  • Media and culture
  • Psychology of criminal justice
  • Forensics
  • Law enforcement
  • Crime investigation

These courses allow students to make valuable contributions to the criminal justice system. They can determine and develop scientific methods for resolving crimes.

Career opportunities

Students can find various lucrative job opportunities once they complete an Online Criminology Course. They can work as:

  • Police officers
  • Crime intelligence analysts
  • Criminologist consultants
  • Drug policy advisors
  • Law reform researchers
  • Research officers
  • Community corrections coordinators
Aspiring criminologists can earn up to $53,990 per year.

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