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Surgical tech programs help students go through various stages of surgery. The field is mainly aimed towards redesigning surgical procedures and incorporating technological advancements in the field. This is basically for the purpose of helping patients and improving their quality of life. Many programs have now been made a permanent part of medical and surgical degree programs, to help students stay up to date with current trends and techniques. Courses within this field help develop a better understanding of technology and minimizing invasive techniques to perform certain routine surgeries.

Associate Of Applied Science Degree
Within this field, an associate's of applied sciences degree program is available with a specialization in discipline of surgical technology. This is a kind of foundation course that might be able to give students a good grip on the subject matter. With regards to admissions into such programs there are a number of prerequisite courses and requirements that students need to fulfill. Considering the fact that this is a professional foundation course, it is important that students have completed high school. This means having completed a high school diploma with a minimum of a GPA score of 2.0.

This is a fairly minimal grade point average as compared to other programs. Another prerequisite is the fact that before students can apply for such a program, they need to have completed courses in anatomy and physiology including lab based exposure. Other programs also require students to have completed courses in English composition and mathematics.

Admissions And Applying
Admissions also require students to take an entrance test and along with the above mentioned requirements, students need to attain a reasonable score on this test.  Applications also need to include professional and academic references if possible. Students who do not have any professional exposure or have not done any internship can attach reference letters only. TOEFL exams and scores also need to be submitted especially if students are of a foreign nationality. Non US born students need to attach supporting documents to denote whether they have acquired suitable nationality requirements otherwise they will be considered as international students.

Once applications are processed, candidates with the highest level of suitability are invited by institutes for interviews. This is considered to be the last and final part of all applications and determine whether students are accepted into the program. When applying for surgical tech programs, it is also important to satisfy all the requirements to ensure that applications are not rejected or turned back.  Online programs in the same field also require the same amount of effort when applying, however, the cost of education will be less for online programs. Students can reduce their expenses in terms of commuting to and from universities and can make use of a flexible study plan.

Employment Outlook
The employment outlook for these professionals is positive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that these professionals drew $43,480 per year in May 2012. The demand for these professionals is expected to increase by 1.2% over the next few years.  


Also known as the operating room technicians, surgical technologists are healthcare professionals who assist surgeons during surgery. If you're wondering what is a surgical technologist and what exactly they do, these technicians perform a range of tasks such as sterilizing equipment and maintaining inventory. These professionals may be found in working in the OR of hospitals and clinics and ambulatory surgical centers.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), surgical technologists are among the fastest growing healthcare occupations. This field has opened up many job opportunities for individuals who wish to pursue an active career in healthcare. An organization known as Healthpronet has shed light upon why this field is growing rapidly. Advancement in technology and an ageing population are among the many factors that have boosted the demand for surgical technologists.

Surgical Technologists Schools
With more people moving towards this healthcare field, schools all over the nation have started offering surgical technologist degree programs and certifications. These schools specialize in surgical tech education and prepare students for challenging jobs roles ahead. To become a surgical technologist, one must have at least a bachelor's degree. Certification is also recommended as many employers prefer hiring individual who have been certified from a relevant organization/association.

Surgical Technology Degree Programs
Surgical technology degrees are offered at associate, bachelor, and master's degree levels. These programs are designed to equip students with skills and in-depth knowledge of the field. The curriculum will entail a range of subjects that build theoretical understanding and also provide students with clinical experience. Throughout the coursework, students will learn how to use OR equipment, and will gain insight on the primary roles and functions of a surgical tech. Each component of the program must be completed successfully. Listed below are a few objectives of surgical technology degree programs:

  • Students will acquire knowledge of the roles of technology in modern healthcare delivery systems
  • The program will shed light upon basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Students will build strong familiarity with medical terminology
  • The program will enable students to understand the techniques and protocol of surgical procedures

Students may also enroll in an online program due to the growth of online learning and online surgical technologist schools. After completing a degree in surgical technology, students will have to sit for the national certification examinations. There are a few leading credentialing organizations that offer certification programs. These include the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, National Center for Competency Testing, and the American Board of Surgical Assistants. It is important to remember that the certification requirements may vary from state to state.

Career Prospects
As a certified surgical technologist, you could seek work in hospitals and clinics. This career is challenging as surgical technologists may be called in to work on holidays, during nights, and even on the weekends, depending upon the shift rotation. The job tasks generally include sterilizing equipment, assisting surgeons during surgery, preparing patients for surgery, ensuring the adequate supply of equipment for surgery, and maintaining a sterile environment. According to the BLS, these professionals made a median annual of $41,790 in 2012. Factors such as certification and level of degree determine the exact income potential of a surgical technologist.


Q:Is all the coursework of surgical tech schools online studied via computers?

A:Surgical tech programs can be studied online via laptops. However, this field requires plenty of hands on experience and practical knowledge. The coursework may be in a hybrid form, where you will be required to take a few classes at the campus based institute. These classes are geared towards developing skills.

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