Public Policy Schools

Overview of Field
Public Policy education focuses on various issues related to politics and public administration. Students in Public Policy Schools learn about policy analysis and policy advocacy. Earning a degree in this field enables you to serve in the public sector. You can also find jobs in government-related businesses and non-profit organizations once you have completed your education at a Public Policy School.

Programs Offered at Public Policy Schools
Public Policy Schools offer a number of degree programs. These include associate's degree programs that typically span over 2 years. Bachelor's degree is offered in this field too. You can earn this degree in 3-4 years. Master's programs are also offered at various Public Policy Schools. You can complete this advanced degree in Public Policy in 2-3 years.

Coursework Highlight
Programs at Public Policy Schools include courses such as public finance, organizational principles of public behavior, ethics in the law, policy in public health as well as polic formation. Through these training programs, you may learn about local government management, homeland security, budgeting and financing. Political science, economics and sociology courses may also be a part of your curriculum.

Career Outlook
Earning a degree from a Public policy school enables you to work in the public sector. You can find several jobs in non-profit companies as well. International service, foreign affairs offices as well as multinational corporations also hire these professionals. A Public policy professional can work as a management analyst, city planner, government director, policy analyst, strategic planner, marketing director or program manager. Once you have received a degree from an accredited Public Policy School, you can expect to earn around $40,000 to $160,720 per year.

Finding a Public Policy School
There are various regular and online Public Policy Schools. Using the internet can be very helpful to explore your options. Make sure you look for accredited Public Policy institutes so that you can earn a degree that has a high value in the job market. Getting into an online Public Policy School can be a good idea for the students who desire to manage work or other personal commitments along with their studies.

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