Pastry Schools

Overview of Field
Pastry education involves theory as well as hands-on training in pastry arts. Students in a Pastry school learn to make use of different ingredients to make pastries and desserts. They also learn about nutrition, food science as well as government and private sanitation regulations in the pastry training programs. Business concepts and applied chemistry are also taught in Pastry education programs. Students in Pastry Schools learn to decorate and plate pastries as well. Preparing desserts and keeping the kitchen well organized is also an important part of the party training courses.

Programs offered at Pastry Schools
Pastry Schools offer various training programs for students who wish to pursue a career as pastry chefs. You can enroll in a certificate program, an associate's or bachelor's degree course in pastry. Most of these training programs call for students to work in public bakeries or restaurants that are run by students. Students who desire to find entry level positions as pastry chefs can enroll in a certificate program. These courses take 6 months to 1 year to complete. You will learn the basic concepts of pastry and baking in these certificate programs. An associate's degree program takes 2 year to complete and enable you to have in-depth knowledge of this field. A bachelor's degree course requires 3-4 years for completion and provides students with well-rounded education.

Highlights of Coursework
Coursework in a Pastry training program includes math, biology, physiology, nutrition, computers and food chemistry. Ingredients, nutrition, applied chemistry and food science also some other courses include in these programs. Wedding cake design, chocolates and confections, cookies and pastries, restaurant management as well as artisan breads includes the coursework in advanced training programs in pastry education.

Career Prospects
Once you earn a certificate or degree in this field, you can work as a baking and pastry assistant, baker and pastry cook. You may also find jobs such as catering manager and event planners. You can earn $21,340 per annum to $57,370 per annum as a pastry chef.

Finding a Pastry School
Finding the best Pastry School can help you to pursue a promising career. Although there are many schools that offer pastry education, not all of them are worthwhile. In order to get into the best programs, you need to see to the market repute as well as the accreditation of a Pastry School. Make sure it is accredited so that you can receive quality training and establish a lucrative career as a pastry chef.


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