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The aa Degree stands for Associate in Arts Degree which is generally awarded to students from community colleges. An Associate's Degree is equivalent to the first two years of education in a four year bachelors program from a college or a university in the U.S and Canada.
Types of Associate's Degrees:

There a two types of Associate Degrees.
Transfer Degrees: This forms the basis of a Bachelors Degree by letting students complete all the general educational requirements before a transfer into a four year bachelors program. Although there is no guarantee that all the classes taken for general education will transfer for a four year program since every college has a variation in subject area and unit requirements.
Professional Degrees: This degree is designed for students that intend to enter a professional career after graduating. There are certain relaxations in the general subjects so that the students can spend more time in their program area.
The main advantage of an AA Degree is that it costs less and is available in the evening for those students that do day jobs. Since it is generally available at community colleges most of the students prefer attending this near their home before transferring to a four year college. Research has proven that students with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from a community college improve their chances of completing a four-year Bachelor's degree with a better grade point average than that of a regular four year bachelor student.
The AA Degree is essential for a smooth transfer into a four year bachelors program at a college which would result in elevating your professional career way before a regular student. This degree will play an important role in providing you with in depth know how of your profession even before you join it.

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