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Journalism refers to the investigation and reporting of events and counters to a large audience. Journalism however is a broad term and includes variation in itself but the principle remains the same - to inform the public. Journalism covers organizations and institutes such as government business foreign affairs health development sports along with covering cultural aspects of society including arts and entertainment. The field of journalism includes various jobs profiles such as photojournalism editing news writing feature writing documentary making etc. In the past few years journalism has turned out to be a thriving field where journalists are heavily paid. More and more people want to become a part of it. But in order to venture in this field you need to have a proper education and training in journalism. Many popular journalists from the past have had no formal training in journalism. They learned their craft on the job. Their experience taught them everything. However, this is not the case now. You need to get fully trained in order to survive in this highly competitive field. This very notion has brought the need of online courses in journalism.


As a journalism student you first have to complete university-level training which includes both technical skills such as research skills interviewing technique and shorthand and academic studies in media theory ethics and cultural studies. Bachelor's degrees and postgraduate degrees are mostly available for full time on-campus students. However there are journalism schools colleges and universities that offer online courses in some of the major aspects of journalism.

Whoever is interested in earning a degree in journalism must make sure to acquire it from an accredited Journalism School as only then will your degree have a value in the job market. Select carefully from the list of accredited Journalism Schools. There are many Journalism Schools that also offer online courses to its students. Online learning has always proved to be extremely beneficial for working professionals housewives and people residing in remote areas. So whichever part of journalism you wish to learn it has all become simple now with online journalism schools!


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